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  • Achewood RSS feed oddity

    I don't know if this is related, but I keep seeing feeds such as this one and this one showing up as newly updated, but when I click it it just shows me a post from as far back as January marked as unread. (It tends to be the same ones.)

    I'm posting this to the IE7 support newsgroup.

  • Achewood RSS feed oddity

    Okay, what the hell:

    (Yeah, I've started test driving the Zune style- I think I'm probably going to go back to the Media Center Royale because ORANGE START = BARF BARF)

    EDIT: I should probably note that, apart from the RSS feeds mentioned in this thread, IE7 does feeds just fine. It's just Achewood, Rory, and non-broadcasted Channel 9 feeds.

    MORE SYMPTOMS: Huh. From the links at the bottom of Garry's main page (and the ones in this post), this feed doesn't work (shows up as source) but this one does. Also, all feeds work when accessed by the little orange button in IE7.

  • Achewood RSS feed oddity

    NeoTOM wrote:
    I've checked my Internet Options and there's nothing different in the advanced settings from the options of a computer this works on. When I start IE7 without Addons it still shows up like this.

    More situations:


    Info icon Internet Explorer cannot display this feed
      Internet Explorer cannot display this feed because it uses an unsupported communication protocol.
    This only occurs if I go to it via the little orange toolbar icon from http://www.overcompensating.com. It gets a 404 if I follow the above link.

  • Achewood RSS feed oddity

    littleguru wrote:
    Seems like the IE7 RSS Reader is broken... I tried the feed url and it worked nicely.

    Yes, I established that. I want to figure out what's wrong.

  • Achewood RSS feed oddity

    Okay, so on any other system, going to http://www.achewood.com/rss.php yields a valid RSS feed. But, for some reason, on my Windows XP partition, it comes out like this:

    I've checked my Internet Options and there's nothing different in the advanced settings from the options of a computer this works on. When I start IE7 without Addons it still shows up like this. When I copied the working feed file from my Vista partition into the XP Feeds folder, XP started grinding 100% CPU on winlogon.exe for several hours, to the point where I had to do a cold reboot into Vista to delete it, which made the system run fine again (except that my peripherals weren't recognized for some reason).

    What is going on?

    EDIT: Oh, the irony!

    This happens with the button at the bottom of the page, too. It works with the feed provided by the RSS icon on the IE7 toolbar.

  • C++ is to VB as ...

    fdisk wrote:
    C++ is to VB as merlot is to fdisk: completely off-limits until he turns 21 and gets some money.

    Assembly language is to scripting as swordfish is to the 1995 playing record of the Philadelphia Eagles: completely unrelated concepts.

    OpenGL is to DirectX as 9-Ball is to what the hell?

    Torvalds is to Ray Ozzie as Guinness Stout is to 1958 Glen Garioch.

    Rory is to Scoble as Starbucks is to Microsoft.

    Carmack is to the entire XBox team as Einstein is to God: complementary, and only a delusional jackass would elevate the former above them.

  • Windows Live Local 3D

    Hey, did anybody notice that you can use the Xbox 360 Controller with Windows Live Local?

  • Anyone writing gadgets?

    So... why was the Calculator taken out of Vista?

    Also, isn't .NET supposed to be cross-platform, so you could use it to write gadgets?

  • Booting with Vista

    Pressing F8 skips directly to the XP options.

    Sven Groot wrote:
    You may want to try VistaBootPRO.

    That was useful. Now, is there any way I can keep it from booting the default at all?

  • An open letter to the Microsoft Common Controller team

    So... is any thing going to come of this, or is it just going to be another piece of discarded customer feedback?