jsampsonPC wrote:
I was in the restroom, looking in the mirror and washing my hands when all of a sudden I got an idea regarding this technology. It's simple:

"Why just photos?"

Imagine navigating around your photogallery, err, walking around St. Peters Basilica via a series of images all found within the "StPeterBasilica" directory. But guess what, there aren't just JPEGS in there sucka, there are WMV, MOV, and plenty of other video formats - and those videos have A start-frame!

Suppose the FIRST frame of a movie was also surveyed when when you're walking around. You look to the front of the Basilica, click a tiny camera icon, and whammo...you're linked up to a 20 second movie of a child feeding birds infront of the Basilica, with the backdrop matching the relevant photography.

What do you guys think?

Hi -

I have actually seen this idea in action (done a little differently) - and it was on an Australian produced show called 'Beyond Tommorow' (which I believe is shown by Discovery channel in other countries).

The concept was that you walk around a landmark with a VR headset (with audio) and combined GPS - which switches itself on when you reach particular vantage points. (which it guides you to).

In the example - they chose some old castle in Italy - and used actors to 'reenact' ancient scenes (such as soldiers doing their rounds or arresting someone etc) - so you could get a first hand look at what happened in that place x100 years ago. (complete with audio etc)..

I can't for the life of me remember what the invention was called  (but someone else might remember here?)..