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  • Jim Allchin - The Longhorn Update

    This is still gonna be a good OS. But why can't you release Longhorn Server and Longhorn client, at the same time?
    Avalon and Indigo should be in Windows Server 2003 and XP. I like playing all the latest  games, and I don't want my desktop taking up my GPU power. Making my performance go lower and have to buy more faster GPU's. I think other gamers will agree, they will not really like this OS. Besides even if you want to have that latest card. Your games are still gonna run faster and more reliable on XP.

  • Joe Marini - Why I love XAML

    Alexm wrote:

    >It's a very good technology but will MS be able to make beautiful look of Mac OSX happen in Windows. 

    Well if you apply the appropriate visual theme you can already get the look and feel of Mac OSX on Windows XP (and some even more impressive look and feels). For my money the new Royale theme is pretty cool too.

    Looking at Lornhorn's new Aero UI, (the few glimpses we've seen from the PDC and other sources), it already looks top notch. Hopefully it'll be a significant step forward in elegant interfaces (though it'll be interesting to see how a older windows apps will look on the new platform).

    On the other subject of backwards compatibility, I understand way it's impossible to retrofit the vector based render engine of Avalon into Windows 2000/XP, but perhaps it would be possible to use the framework to render XAML apps with the GDI on older versions of Windows, in a cut down form (losing the high fidelity graphics, resizing etc...).

    Thus an application made using XAML could perform on a older platform much like a browser can render html pages even if it doesn't support CSS (although hopefully the drop in visual quality won't be as drastic). 

    I know I'm just say that Windows is a really good operating system except Mac OSX has the looks that attracts people. The only thing Windows needs is people the looks. I'm not saying that Window's lame or anything it's the best OS! And always will be.
    This isn't about Themes, skins, wallpaper, etc...
  • Joe Marini - Why I love XAML

    It's a very good technology but will MS be able to make beautiful look of Mac OSX happen in Windows. XP is much more simple but Mac OSX has more hot looks. Not only should they be showing us these technologies, they must really start some great coding to make a some what beautiful, easy to use OS. Then their will be no complaint. Other uses of XAML could also be, for people wanting to make birthday cards and brochures and that kind of stuff. So I don't really reckon this technology lies just with developers. It lies within everyone. I think XAML will be one the best technology out along with .NET and the other Longhorn Pillars. Plus it's gonna be available on XP and Windows Server 2003, so it should really be something that will be encorporated not only into Longhorn but some exisisting Windows Operating Systems too. Although that is only the latest ones. But by the time it's released, 2000 will be like 98 when Xp was released. And 98... LOL!!!   

  • Don Box - Tour of Indigo Team

    Man you guys really party out their at MS don't you?         

  • Kosar Jaff - The networked printer

    Lol this is kind of weird, but FUNNY!!! Big Smile!      

  • Dan Appleman - Where are teenagers feeling computing pain?

    scobleizer wrote:
    Kybo: wrong. Cookies don't store personal information at all.

    Look at them. They don't contain your personal information. I have thousands on my hard drive. They are simple text strings that anyone can look at.

    What they do do, however, is make it possible to watch you as you surf (and, if you've given the server your personal information in a prior session, they can be used to pull that up).

    But, there's nothing personal in a cookie. So, Dan's right on this one.

    But wouldn't a cookie be able to be used on a different website? Meaning if someone stored your IP and their partner websites read that cookie. You could be giving your address to a whole lot of hackers.
  • Dan Appleman - Where are teenagers feeling computing pain?

    A lot of people have false beliefs. For instance, a lot of people believe that for teenagers the worst security threat is from sexual predators. But, he looked into the statistics and found that there are only a handful of these cases. They get a lot of media attention. But, what doesn't get discussed is that there's a lot more of theft of passwords and identities. These can be very cruelly used in high school to cause problems for kids. Imagine in high school if someone stole your email password and started sending around rumors to other kids, or IM'ing with them. That's what he's trying to get at there: that there's a security problem with teenagers that doesn't get discussed in the media that's far far more prevelent than the one that does get discussed.

    It seems that my school Encourages Easy to hack passwords like your mothers first name(They put that on each Internet account they have and not many people change them.)
    And I also think that this should be a world campaign. Because the Internet spans WorldWide! Wink
    This is a little idea I had...
    We could maybe create something that was like a virus but actully contained of security information and changed a lot of settings to make your Pc right. Afterall we are the developers/architectures/engineers behind these systems right?   
  • Dan Appleman - On a security crusade

    Your are definately right! I go to High School and not one kid I know, that has their own Laptop/PC knows about security and how it works. And if you count Parents/Teachers well... Lets just say, nearly 99.9%, don't have a clue about security...

  • Chris Sells - Is it really true that you're working on a Longhorn version of Solitaire?

    This application unbugly fun!