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  • Windows 2000 to Windows Vista: Road to ​Compatibili​ty

    PolymorphicCode wrote:
    Vista is new, so Micro$oft is giving us hardtime to adapt to these things. I wish things just work and the .NET Framework would do the magic underneath, and I program the same way I do in XP

    I too was wondering about native win32 versus .NET code.  From what I understand the .NET framework will handle the UAC and most .NET developers shouldn't worry too much about it.  I imagine though that anyone who developed using the native APIs will be the ones who see the majority of these problems.  Can anyone confirm this or provide additional information?  Also, the video seemed to imply that Windows will "watch" the application and when it sees that it is trying to perform an admin function (altering system files, registry, ect.) will invoke the UAC prompt.  Is this correct or does the developer need to invoke the prompt in his code via a function call of some kind?
  • Jim Allchin: It's time - Windows Vista RTM

    Congratulations on shipping!  Wink

    I bet you've been waiting a long time for this moment.  You guys work so hard and your efforts are so under appreciated.  A friend of mine has RC2 on his computer and can hardly wait to get Vista in January.  I hope you guys have a massive party to celebrate!  Enjoy!