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  • The Visual Studio Documentary: Part Two (In celebration of the 2010 Launch)

    Definitely interesting and informative! Personally didn't like the wobbly camera and fast cutting, but I think that's more just a US TV thing, UK documentaries tend to be a bit more.. stable. Wink

  • Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) in Windows 7

    It looks like the PC has to start the connection first. So the button push only sends out the data if a PC is waiting for the connection. Likewise the PC probably can't say its ready and waiting if someone else is attempting waiting for you to push the router's button.

    Likewise, its not hard to use standard SSL style connections to ensure the data can't be read, reused or otherwise intercepted successfully.

  • WPF 3.5 SP1 Deployment with Troy Martez

    Uh.. I have a question, where the heck is the bootstrapper and its related documentation?

    Short of the little client-only framework subset checkbox on the project properties, I can't find any docs, blog postings or anything on how to create the boostrapper installer or implement it in ClickOnce or otherwise.

    Help o_O
  • Chris Wilson: Inside IE8 Beta 1 For Developers

    Hakime wrote:
    Webslices a new feature? You are kidding, right? I mean it would be nice that the folks of channel9 just go out a little to see what is going on. Webslices is nothing more than a ripp off of Webclip, a feature introduced in Safari for Mac OS 10.5. At least IE folks could be honest and clearly admit that they took the idea from Safari and they ripped it off. That won't kill them....

    Webclips are quite different and require the user to select the area of the page they want to monitor, select it and manually create a watch for it where in the background, a full rendering of the page will be being downloaded and rendered on to the OS X dashboard.

    Webslices are webmaster designed miniblocks designed specifically for the purpose of being served to the user, takes up far less resources (not being rendered when the browser isn't open, smaller download of updated content by the feed sync service) and requires less work from the user (two left mouse button clicks).

    It was probably inspired by Safari's webclips, but this is a far better solution than the ad-hoc work around of that browser (which isn't supported on the Windows platform of course).
  • Hakon Strande - High Definition Audio in Windows Vista

    (It's a shame the audio isn't very good in this later Scoble interview...Doh! Sorry about that. You won't experience this going forward.)

    Would such a problem with this video be considered ironic considering the content? Wink

  • Jenny Lam - Designing Experiences at Microsoft

    I'm wondering with the UI largely 'tied down' now, are we going to be seeing a final release of the Vista Guidelines sometime soon?

    I've been writing my first full application and trying to follow the ideas and stuff I've seen since then closely, but its still a pain with half finished doc's.