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  • Bill Gallagher - 17 Years at Microsoft

    Hehe I worked at the same place for 22 years:)
  • Bill Gates - A short chat with Microsoft's Chief Software Architect

    That was a really great interview! Thanks to Channel9 and Bill for this wonderful peak into the world of Microsoft. I enjoyed the personal touch and felt like I was in the room. My mind couldn't help but think of the questions that I would ask Mr. Gates. I would ask if he ever thinks about Apple's Knowledge Navigator from the 80's-an awesome proposal which incorporates a lot of his thoughts on where computers should be, and are headed. I also would have asked if he has any pet personal programming projects that he likes to do on his own, my mind was thinking of him leaving the interview, and if he were to allowed given his busy schedule, does he ever toy around and have fun programming, all on his own, just for fun. I loved how he hit the nail on the head expressing that Channel9 is providing a vehicle for all types of people to see that Microsoft personnel are really just people, gifted people, but nontheless are real people that do think and feel. It was nice to see him speak that way and let his hair down. Very refreshing!