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Nikola Dudar is a program manager on Windows Networking Developer Platform (WNDP). He is working on a new Windows API for connecting web services and native code. In his previous position, he was a Program Manager on Visual C++ team. He worked on building new features in VC++ libraries. Prior joining Microsoft, Nikola has been involved in a research of architectures for data warehouses used in scientific data analysis and machine learning. He has MS in Computer Science degree from the University of New Mexico and MS degree in Control Systems and Automation from Vinnytsya National Technical University.


  • Windows 7: Web Services in Native Code

    Hello everyone,


    Thank you for interest in this talk. Unfortunately I am not able to answer your questions until the time of the talk on PDC. However please do post them such that I could make sure I have answers for them in the talk. Also watch for upcoming posts on my blog for this as well. I am sorry for a delay but it is only few weeks before I can answer all your questions.


    Looking forward to seeing you at PDC 2008!



    Nikola Dudar

    Program Manager