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    @barrkel: I'm note quite sure but Silverlight 4 should be able to use System.Net.Sockets.Socket to connect to any resource when running with Elevated Trust as described at

    But this looks like a very low-level support of sockets and I think it requires some work to implement a full-featured TCP Client on top of the Socket class.

    Besides that, nice work, Brian.

    (Just my 2 cents...)

  • Askthebrain.​net Creator's Exclusive Interview

    Agreed! Smiley
  • The Channel 9 beta has been updated...

    Maybe I'm wrong with that, but:

    • [enter] does not work on sign-in page
    • The number of "Views" in the thread list does not seem to work (correctly)
    • How to edit the user "title" shown below the avatar?
    • Some pages crash my FF 1.5 (the FireBug problem?)
    • Layout problems in IE6 (e.g. big non-scaled image, overlapping page elements, disappearing posting titles)
    • Error on page "cakeorpie" when (in this order)
      1. click link for "cakeorpie" on frontpage
      2. reach edit page
      3. click "cancel"
      4. reach normal view of wiki page
      5. press back button in browser
      6. get javascript error "an unhandled exception occured, Message: The server method 'RetrieveByVersion' failed" (no stacktrace)
    • Wiki pages without comments show emtpy comments section with "page 1 of ?"
    • Number of views does not work, everywhere: Views (0)

    Anyway, keep up your good work, this can be great Smiley