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  • MVVM, a WPF UI Design Pattern

    Nice video there!!!!

    Have you any plan to migrate to C# in the near future Smiley

  • Creating a modular application using Prism v2 - Screencast 4/4 : Decoupled ​Communicati​on

    Hi there, im watching video by video in this series and WOW this is good stuff, prism really rocks!!!

    However, im wondering if anyone have a good solution to the following problem / enhancement:

    When the user clicks on the search button i want to change the cursor to waiting / time glass and when the search is actually finished, make sure that the cursor is changed back to the default "arrow".  This problem i guess also could be extended to a bigger challenge, how to show to the user of progress of a operation, e.g a download progress with procentage indicator.

    Considering best practices, to always indicate the end user of progress or in this case to prevent the user to click multiple times when a search is ongoing i guess it can not only be me wondering of these things, or what?

    Dont we need a reference to the window to set the cursor in such a case?

    Any solution or start of discussion appreciated!!!


  • Creating a modular application using Prism V2 - Screencast 3/4 : Implementing views and services

    Hi there, couldnt agree more, this demo really helps out grasping the Prism, amazing.

    Im wondering in short if the source code is available for download so i can "play" with it?