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  • The Best XNA Movie in the UNIVERSE

    I didnt find there to be anything wrong with Rory.

    He also did a great interview with Frank Savage, an important XNA emplyee. He was very nice in this video. He may have been a little more all over the place in this one, but it looks like the reason for that was because he was thrown in there without any research material. He was learning about it as he went along, as we were.

    This is hard, because in most interviews the interviewer askes questions that he actually knows the answers to. Sometimes they reherse it, but this was all on the spot, talking to total strangers.

    A quick note. I figured out most of the answers to the questions I asked earlier in this thread. I might post about it again another time, when I can be bothered. Lets just say this, the whole XNA + Garage Games Torque software thing is pretty confusing. Mostly I think because each Torque product have simular names and/or have changed their names 2 or 3 times.

    Or maybe I'm just slow Tongue Out
  • The Best XNA Movie in the UNIVERSE

    sylvan wrote:
    DanielMD. I think you're seriously missing the point about XNA. It's NOT supposed to be an "easy to use game making kit for hobbyist and indie developers", it's more along the lines of "A managed API for cross platform game development". Lots of people make this misstake. That's why you have people who haven't written a line of code in their life downloading XNA thinking it's a consumer level tool for making games. It's not. It's a developer tool. XNA competes with C++/DirectX, not with click-and-play consumer/hobbyist tools like Gamemaker.

    Hello everyone. Is this thread going off topic? Anyway. XNA Game Studio Express looks very interesting to me. I am also a novice when it comes to programming. sylvans messege, in total, cleared up a lot of questions for me. I also thank DanielMD for questioning XNA, even if he is a little stressed. What confuses me is that I really did think XNA Game Studio Express was for beginners. I have read and watched several things that make it look a lot like Gamemaker 6.1 (I'd like to just add that Gamemaker deserves more credit here, its very good. You can do more with it than you think, and actually it CAN do 3D). A good example is this video;


    If the link doesnt work, search for Microsoft XNA Part 1 on youtube.

    Note the first thing said, its something like "Many gamers have dreamed of making a game, but up until now, the resources havent been in place". This video shows drag and drop made games, and like other "game making" software, I figured that after you got your head around that, you could then gradually advance into things like C++ or whatever language the software uses.

    But then I go out on the net to look for more XNA stuff. I personally do not like the official XNA Game Studio Express site. I only found technical and confusing tutorials on verious sites. I will look more though. I see video tutorials appearing very often, which is more than what can be said for many other programs. Video tutorials are very good.

    ... I'm not sure where I'm going here! Umm, I guess what I'm trying to say is that the messege consumers are getting is that XNA GSE is fun and easy to use. But it looks like its only for game makers who I would classify as having mid to high expertise.

    But then again, all these videos cant be completely wrong. They show the drag and drop interface for example, can somesome explain it to me?

    Sorry just 2 small questions. What connection does this site have with Microsoft? And what does the "Now with 100% more WPF/E" mean? I apologise if anything I bring up in this messege has already been answered somewhere else.