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  • 10-4 Episode 14: Sentient DSLs

    Went browsing through the archives, and this caught my eye. Initially I thought I read 'sentient DLLs', and my first thought was "Good morning Dave.".

    Second thought after seeing this was "Nice sales pitch. Useless.". Third, "Amazing framework indeed. So flexible you'll hit a brick wall the second you try anything important.". And my final conclusion was that I was indeed rick rolled, I hadn't noticed the date and had considered this to be an actual episode.

    Tongue Out Well done!

  • Parallel Stacks – new Visual Studio 2010 debugger window

    "Not for free" is ok, but try to avoid "Only costs your soul, and that of your family".  Tongue Out Price tags can get rather high for indies in some cases, and the price curve is rather steep in VS2008's case (std: ~300, prof: ~800, ts dev: ~5000(!)). Sadly you can't seem to get ts dev without an MSDN license regardless, and those add quite a bit to the tag...

    Having the APIs available in all editions is a very nice feature though!