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OnlyJack OnlyJack
  • please fix the c9 editor

    TommyCarlier said:

    I like it the way it is. We're not using typewriters anymore, are we?

    Enter ≠ Line break. Enter = start new paragraph. How would you start a new paragraph if not via the Enter-key? Starting a new paragraph is not the same as 2 line breaks. Are you one of those guys that don't trust the automatic word wrap, and like to break their lines manually?

    PS: Why isn't this in the feedback forum? (+1 blowdart)

    Enter ≠ Line break. Enter = start new paragraph. How would you start a new paragraph if not via the Enter-key?

    Win Key+Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Tab+Enter while triple-clicking on the end of the paragraph. That's how real writers do it.

  • MSAccess Denied

    joechung said:

    Perhaps the datasheet view was in readonly mode?

    It wasn't read-only because I could edit all records, delete was working fine when selecting the record and using the DEL key and also when you open a database in read-only mode you usually get a warning. After a quick chat with office support they confirmed it was a bug (with no patches in sight) and that the easiest workaround was disabling layout view. It's really strange that they still didn't notice and fix this bug earlier, considering that most access demo projects make heavy use of those datasheet views. What a disappointment!

  • MSAccess Denied

    Hi guys! Today while I was tinkering with msaccess 2007 I discovered a very strange behavior: when show a form in datasheet mode and I right-click the record selector (the little gray square to the left of each record) the button to delete the record is disabled however if I select the record and press DEL button I'm able to correctly delete the record. What's going on?

  • Sidewinder X6, is flawed.

    I bought two laser desktop 6000 sets and you have NO idea, NO IDEA, how flawed the keyboards and mouses were. The keyboard's spacebar was made of such low quality plastic that during use the tiny hooks that kept in place the metal bar that allows pressing the spacebar from the sides (and not just the center where the keyboard contact really is) kept consuming until they couldn't hold the bar anymore. I tried adding meters of tape everywhere, on the bar to make it thicker so that the hooks could still keep it in place and in the keyboard button to keep the bar in the right position but it didn't help for long: in a couple months both keyboards became useless without ever pressing the bar on the sides.

    The mouses instead had such a tiny sensor opening (I don't even think it's sealed) that dirt kept getting in, even the smallest dust grains from the mouse pad could wreak havoc making the mouse unresponsive until it was cleaned with blows and pincers, in the end I had to stop using the mousepad and one of my tables was left with a big stain of it because of the mouse's attrition: the tiny pads under the mouse didn't help at all, they were way too thin and couldn't prevent the entire mouse area from rubbing the table. And that's not all, the wireless receivers kept reporting low signal even when I placed the ugly receiver less than a few centimeters away from the keyboard/mouse.

    Many people left bad reviews of that desktop set for the same reasons but sadly, when I bought the sets, I looked the wrong reviews because didn't notice there was a newer revision (2.0) with a completely new and different keyboard that didn't have any of those issues. Also in these days I was moving to another house and had no idea of where the receipts ended so I had to keep those two 79$ dollars paperweights.

    Logitech keyboards are made of cheap, maybe cheaper plastic but I never saw one breaking up like this, heck, I still have far cheaper keyboards from the early 90s that I used far more than those and they all still work perfectly.

    If I have some spare time I'd make some photos, maybe the other desperate guys looking on the internet for a way to fix that keyboard that end up here will get some hints of how to get it working for a few more weeks, just the time needed to find another set and organize a proper funeral. Yep, seeing expensive high-end hardware failing like this is really that sad.

  • The X-Fi-Files

    This is one of the things that make me so unhappy about still buying expensive dedicated sound hardware. This, and Vista f-ing up with EAX and other sorts of audio acceleration still used by many games Sad

  • Webcams that use windows default drivers

    Yggdrasil said:
    I have a Logitech webcam that works on XP and Vista, and I'm damn sure it'll work on W7 as well. Not because it uses built-in drivers but because Logitech is a serious company that will likely continue supporting its products going forward. I'm not even sure Vista drivers won't work out-of-the-box in W7.

    The last webcam I bought is a QuickCam Messenger (3 years ago) and is barely usable on Vista with hacked drivers where none of the webcam settings can be changed because the software doesn't recognize it. The official software has always sucked and installed an unbelievable amount of background crap (updaters, notifiers, buttons support) causing huge boot slowdowns and wasting more than 50mb of ram even when not using the webcam.

  • Webcams that use windows default drivers

    Are there webcams with 1.3 megapixels or higher resolution with built-in microphone that can work with the windows default drivers? I want to stop having to buy a new webcam whenever a new windows version is released.

  • W7 to play MOV files, all we need now is a PDF reader

    It's about damn time. Sadly we will still need the stooopid quicktime plugin to view a great part of movie trailers that are hosted on Apple website.

    All we need now is a PDF reader to get rid of the still-not-patched-yet bug-ridden Adobe reader.

  • The perfect browser: FF3 with IE7 UI plus other cool features

    1 Install Firefox
    2 Install Adobe Flash Plugin from here
    3 Install the Vista-aero theme
    4 Install these extensions: Google Toolbar for firefox 5 (here), Glasser, Hide Menubar, Adblock Plus
    5 Open Firefox settings, click Tabs and then enable "Always show the tab bar"
    6 Open Google Toolbar settings, disable all buttons and tools but Translation and Bookmarks, go to Layout Settings and chose to replace the search bar and hide the toolbar
    7 Set this URL as the home page: chrome://google-toolbar/content/new-tab.html
    8 Enjoy and post a screenshot here because I don't have time to Sad

  • Gazelle

    Any browser that unlike IE7 doesn't make flash call its stupid external utility dozens of times when running in a limited user account making the cursor blink like it's having an epileptic seizure and increasing the page load time exponentially would be really appreciated.