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Niner since 2005

Account Manager for Best Buy For Business, the entreprise division of Best Buy. Father of a little girl since two weeks (12-10-2005), C++/C# programmer, VBA also...

UPDATE: Got fired for receiving an email. Am now an independant I.T. consultant working from home again Yay! (have a 6 months old little girl )

Trying to return, er, to programming.

Wish I had a pause button :)
UPDATE: Still wish for that!

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  • New Role for Bill in July 2008

    La Cabeza el Balzana eh?

    Ballmer is just so freaking happy is get rid of Bill. HE IS THE BOSS. He really has a Napoleonic complex. Probably has a small one thats why. I am really frustrated by him. Please evince him someone!

    How can you let a company this size have a CEO that lets its biggest product overdue by that much???   -I don't know, except if your running a monarchy.


  • Omar Shahine and team - New Hotmail ​"​Kahuna"

    Hi there!

    this is my first post. (yay!)

    Why is the guy in the video using Sun Microsystems LCD screens?
    Is the new hotmail entirely Kosher (running on windows built from microsoft technologies, and not using anything else than microsoft technologies?)

    If not,

    Explain! Smiley