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EndlessBricks OrigamiCar
  • HomeOS vs Google's Nest acquistion

    , magicalclick wrote

    how does it help,you lower electric bill? I am interested.

    Among other things, it learns your habits and can customize the schedule of when heat or cooling is turned on. It also takes the local weather/temperature into consideration. It will also learn how long it takes to heat/cool your particular house over time. It also has a sensor, so it can work out if you are in the house or not.

    It's basically very intelligent and adjusts things over time (all of this is configurable by the way, so you can turn it all off if you like). I was very leary about this before I got the nest, figuring that there's no way it's going to work as advertised, but it's been rock solid for over a year and saved us a lot of money.

    Oh, the other thing it does is give you an achievement if you use less power than the lowest X% of users in your state/area. Sounds goofy, but you really do start to care about getting as many 'leafs' as possible! We have conisitently been in the lowest 5% of power use in Wisconsin at our house since getting it (obviously not the last few weeks of course, with the ice age that we're having over here right now!)

  • HomeOS vs Google's Nest acquistion

    I bought a nest thermostat last year and the thing really does work well. Our heat/cooling bills have gone down by about a third since getting it - money very well spent.

    Of course, now that Google owns it, I'm sure the next version will be really configurable, but much harder to use, there'll be hundreds of different versions, none of which get upgraded anymore... Wink

  • Anyone have Surface 2 Pro with the Type Cover 2?


    , androidi wrote

    Try opening IE from the desktop and grabbing the scroll bar with the old school laptop method of holding down the physical left 'mouse' button in the type cover hovering on the scroll bar, then use another finger to move the scroll bar around. I tested this at a shop and there was so much delay between input and output that even the guy demoing it noticed.

    Just tried this on all our Surfaces (Surface 1, Surface Pro 1, Surface 2, Surface Pro 2) with both a type cover 1 and a type cover 2 and I'm experiencing no delay with any combination of device and type cover at all. (I'm assuming you meant use one finger to click the left mouse portion of the trackpad and another finger to drag elsewhere on the trackpad - rather than on the screen to scroll?)

    I agree with wkempf - the trackpad on the covers are pretty lousy - for example, I can never get 'click and drag' working on them, I think it either doesn't support it, or is too sensitive for my fingers. Worse thing is for the type cover 2 they've made it worse - they've gone from a smooth trackpad on the v1 that has a physical click, to a fabric trackpad on the 2 that doesn't have physical click feedback. Not a real world problem really, just use the touchscreen for what you need and for things like Visual Studio, I plug a wireless mouse into my pro anyway.

  • SkyDrive with VS

    Similar suggestion to Josh, but I would use TFS Online for personal projects (in fact I do, as do all the developers who work with me for their personal projects).


    It's completely free for 5 or less users - you can use it on all of your machines, it's easy to setup and has the advantage that it's hooked right into Visual Studio - plus you end up with full source control.




  • Windows 8 Refresh

    Not that this in any way answers your question Godders and this only somewhat related...

    We actually ran the Windows 8.1 'refresh my pc' choosing to keep existing files etc and were pretty surprised when it rolled back to 8.0 and removed ALL apps (but kept the files). I would have thought it would have refreshed to 8.1 and not 8.0.

    We tried this on 3 pc's (1 surface pro, 2 desktops), each one did the same. Assuming it's because it originally had 8.0 and then was upgraded to 8.1 rather than an initial full installation of 8.1. It makes me wonder what happens if you do a full install of 8.1 and then click the 'refresh pc' option - assume it keeps it at 8.1?

  • Gah - they've broken (changed) some features I like in Windows 8.1 :(

    , Blue Ink wrote


    Also, I replicated the taskbar on all the monitors: looks busier, but it's convenient enough that I don't mind the wasted pixels. This also has the added bonus that it's really easy to get the start screen to appear on any given monitor: I just have to click on the corresponding start button (hey, it's actually useful!).

    Yeah agreed, that is very useful.
    In my case, I do have the taskbar is on all monitors, but I have set it to only show the taskbar buttons on the taskbar where the window is open (I tend to have a lot of instances of different visual studios, plus quite a few other apps open, so this way is much easier to keep track of what's open where). Having it set this way means that my pinned icons only show on the primary screen which is now the wrong screen - but it's not a biggie, my muscle memory is already starting to switch to the new setup. Smiley

  • Gah - they've broken (changed) some features I like in Windows 8.1 :(

    , GoddersUK wrote


    Windows Logo + Page Down Smiley

    Sorry - is that supposed to do something? Doesn't seem to do anything on my machine... Perplexed

  • Gah - they've broken (changed) some features I like in Windows 8.1 :(

    Just wanted to check in with others who are using Windows 8.1 with multiple monitors to see if they experience the same thing or if it's just me.

    Like a lot of developers, I run Windows with multiple monitors (I use three monitors). With windows 8, I could press the windows key on my keyboard to quickly glance at the live tiles on my start screen and could quickly dismiss it by clicking anywhere on either of the two monitors that are showing either the desktop or desktop apps. This was just a handy little tweak that let me quickly dismiss the start screen.

    With Windows 8.1, clicking the desktop or desktop apps doesn't dismiss the start screen at all - it remains in place. The only way to dismiss it is to either click on a tile to start an app, or to hit the windows key again.


    The other behavior change is one of my monitors is a touch screen, but it's not my main monitor. With 8.0, I could start a windows 8 app, drag it to the touchscreen, close it and from that point onward, the start screen would always appear on the touchscreen, even though it's not my main monitor. With 8.1, even if I do that, the second I hit the windows key, it will appear on the main (non touchscreen) monitor. I can fix it by telling Windows that my touchscreen is my main monitor, but that causes the task bar, pinned icons etc to now be on my left monitor not on the middle monitor where I usually keep them.
    I read a webpage that said if you click the start button on the monitor you want to open the start screen, then from that point onward the start screen would always open on that screen, but that's not been my experience, it always reopens on the main monitor...

    Just to be clear, neither of these issues are world changing problems and I can live with them, but it would be nice to be able to get 8.1 running the way that muscle memory told me 8.0 ran for months Smiley

    Anyone else having this happen, or is your experience different?




  • XBOX to run Windows 8 apps?

    They kind of hinted at this being the case at Build this year. Day two keynote, they had a small app they built with Visual Studio and running on the Xbox one. Didn't realize it truly shared Windows 8 apps, rather than being a custom app specifically targeting the Xbox though. If so, that's pretty cool.

    Wonder if this means it has mostly full support for Windows 8 .net framework, or if you have to use portable class libraries like you do right now with Xbox 360...

  • Who wanted more skydrive storage?

    @intelman: There kinda is - it's called eBay Wink