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  • Inside IE 8 RC1 with Dean Hachamovitch and Jason Upton

    NERD RAGE OMG YAY!!!!!!!!
  • This Week on C9 MS Q2, Obama Photosynth, Win 7, Web Platform Installer, Raymond Chen

    We need a video from each of the product group managers to let us know how they were affected by the layoffs, if at all.  Reasurance from the likes of Scott Guthrie, Brad Abrams and Bob Muglia would be a good start.  We don't trust blanket statements released by Balmer anymore.

    It is one thing to dangle layoffs over the heads of the employees, for which I empathize and sympathize with deeply.  We build our companies and projects based on the stability of Microsoft and the knowledge that the people that work there are all brilliant.  The future of things like Silverlight, MVC, Surface, Zune, Azure, etc need to be reinforced before we waste our time betting our future on these technologies.  I can already sense the emotional toll this is having on the employees, even through their normal blog posts in the form of caution, reserve and a distinct drop in genuine enthusiasm.