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    why do you guys always choose jerks to work as interviewers at channel9?

    that's the first thing that I've noticed when I started watching videos on channel9 a year ago.

    There was an interviewer who used to ask "wait a second, who are you?" (as if it was funny) in a demeaning voice at the beginning of each of his interviews.

    And now this obnoxious blonde guy that thinks he's funny by not letting people talk comfortably.

    People that don't know this blonde guy's face would definitly get confused on whether or not this is a prank video.

    Just like what happened in this video, people weren't able to talk about their work comfortably cause they thought this guy is not even remotely interested in what they're saying, and he's just there to poke fun at them.

  • The Best XNA Movie in the UNIVERSE

    Bas wrote:
    mycroft wrote:
    Are we watching the same videos?

    I was wondering the same thing, since I didn't see anybody trying to avoid talking about his work.

    actually he was obnoxious, and people were uncomfortable talking to him, and they kept trying to recap everytime he starts rolling his eyes or winking to the camera.

    He even jumped around commenting on some guy's shoes.

    If you haven't seen all that, then watch the video again.