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  • Ward Cunningham - Do you get religious about programming languages?

    Gotta' say that this is one very switched on man.  Actually Ward and this video reminds me of a programmer/mentor that I used to work for many years ago (Ray).

    I remember this guys saying to me 'many years ago' (while I was learning programming / MASM) that learning a language is the easy part, it's the concepts and using the language correctly that is the hard part.  Each day we speak so many word, to various people and so many are not done wisely or smartly.  Imagine if we had the same type of hit / miss ratio, we would in a mess.

    Had to laugh when I heard Ward repeat the line 'it's a rounding problem'.  How many times have we all heard that ??

    Great video's.  Really would be great to converse in people, into the small hours of the night.. 

  • The 9 Guys - Who We Are

    Smiley Guys - This was a fantastic idea, especially for someone from Australia, like me.  I'm on the other side of the world and just from this, it brings you to me...  WOW (maybe we need to call it 'No More Gaps' (I hope that they sell that in the US??)

    Would be great if it could be two-way, like a confrenece call, having and seeing other viewers being streamed back out as well.  Could be kewl for you / us to see what others are doing??

    I'm over-flowin' with things that would be kewl for you guys to cover, and I haven't had any couch mixture..
     Very kewl.