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  • Windows 10 on ARM

    Sounds interesting, but we have been burned too many times with cool Microsoft technologies that fall by the wayside a year or two later. We built Silverlight apps and invested in that technology. We have Windows Mobile apps. Among others.

    Haven't we been here? Surface RT? Oh, that's dull, let's drop it and start over in a couple of years and screw a new group of device buyers.

    I'd like to see Microsoft *focus* on one or two key new technologies and push them for the long term. So many that we could have used or could use now but as developers we shy away because we don't know what will happen next year. I would love to use Windows IOT, but we got burned with Windows Compact 6 & 7, so our embedded projects are largely Linux now, so we have a chance that the code investments will still have value in two or three years. And personally I *despise* Linux, it's code by committee, though many will disagree.

    Funnily enough, my 3rd Windows Phone will be going into the bin this weekend. A Moto G5 plus is supposed to be delivered sometime today. Not a giant Android fan either, but I need things like maps and PC syncing to work. My Lunia phone's technology is great, but nothing works. Can't even open a USB connection to a Windows PC any more: it works after a clean install and dies after the first update that gets applied on a couple of laptops and PCs.

    </rant> (6)