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  • Welcome Golnaz to Channel 9

    Nice. You certainly are easy on the eyes.

  • Ping 116: Custom Navs, PEGI on WP7, 3D on your 360, 3D headmounted display

    ,Paul II wrote


    I think that's these are the same reasons why we hired Laura.

    Dissing your cohost like that? Man, you've got Moxie.

  • Ping 116: Custom Navs, PEGI on WP7, 3D on your 360, 3D headmounted display

    Nice show. I think you guys could improve your show though, by getting a muppet. Just hire some starving muppeteer, to do little more than provide comic relief on your program. The muppet could chase Paul around the studio, or bite Laura on her arm: it could be a riot! Seriously, I think it could increase your viewership! The muppet shouldn't know that much about technology, and should introduce just enough chaos, to make things interesting. (The muppet has to be really funny though.)

    I think I missed my calling as a Hollywood producer. Sigh.

    P. Douglas

  • Ping 115: Dilbert Challenge, Mango Apps, Smarter file copying, RenRen

    Nice show.

  • The Office Show: Office 365 - Part One

    Nice. Smiley

  • Ping 104: Sir Richard Branson, Intelligent healing on Kinect, WP7 to take the lead, Bing & Glee

    Laura: I like the way your hair is coming along. I think you should make and keep it long - or at least 'longish'. (That's just my opinion.) Like Rapunzel, you never know when you may need it to escape from a tall building of some kind.  Smiley

    P. Douglas

  • Ping 102: PhotoDNA & Facebook, Xbox update, Give-aways for students, Windows Phone on Verizon

    Nice episode. I believe however that Tina should have had a cane to go with her glasses. She could have then walked around the studio, bumping into things. (This would have made the episode even more interesting.) Tina could even have hit Laura with her cane a couple times and said, "Sorry Laura, I didn't see you." It would also have been nice, if Tina bobbed her head around while she was talking, then claimed to be the lovechild of Stevie Wonder. Just a few suggestions ...

    Again, nice work Laura and Tina.

    P. Douglas

  • The Office Show - Finances

    Thank God you saved the monkey!

    P. Douglas

  • Ping 93: Kinect plays with Windows Phone, Gamertags revived, Live Mesh, HTML5 Contest

    Nice episode. Smiley

    P. Douglas

  • Ping 91: PACT for gaming, Swim on Kinect, Microsoft Cookbook, H.264 on Chrome

    I think you should bring back the green screen - even if you have to take hostages! (Well ... maybe not.) The background you are now using seems kind of boring.

    Here's a video in tribute to all the creeps out there, I believe you'll all enjoy!

    P. Douglas

  • The Office Show: Rocking your data with Excel 2010

    Wow! Chicks man! (Sorry, I watch The Soup, on E!) That was a very nice and refreshing video. And I learned something while watching it.

    I think what you ladies should do though, is storm into Steve Ballmer's office, and demand that he have developers / designers create a slick multimedia experience in Office, where users can watch your Office videos, buy add ons and services via an app store, and gain access to resources, in a slick, non-HTML kind of way. This way MS would make extra revenue, expand its Office ecosystem, create a huge social network around Office, and you ladies would become ******stars*******. You could become more popular than Olivia Munn! After a while, the experience could be ported to Windows Phone 7, and Office web apps! I'm telling you ladies, you could become big! I can see your names in lights now! I'd send you one of my fake Hollywood agency cards, but I'm afraid I'm all out!

    Remember ladies, storm your chief boss' office, and don't take no for an answer - even if you are escorted out of MS by security!

    (You know, I think I missed my calling as a (real) Hollywood agent.) Chow!

    P. Douglas

  • Microsoft's Adaptive Keyboard at UIST


    Touch can be augmented by using a virtual trackpad, a physical stylus, and / or some kind of magnifier feature, that allows users to work with precision on screen.

    If you are talking about a straight comparison between virtual and physical keyboards (where virtual keyboards do nothing but mimic their physical counterparts) then you are correct. However, when you include word prediction and correction features, as well as other software enhancements, a well designed virtual keyboard will trump its physical counterparts.

    A virtual keyboard could be augmented with the ability to sound out the letters a blind person is typing, in order to provide feedback. In fact, a virtual keyboard that can also read out the words the blind person has written so far (in any text box), would be more useful than the functionality that is provided by physical keyboards today.

    My reference to typewriters, had to do with some people's emotional attachment to them. The issue is not whether physical keyboards provide feedback to users and virtual keyboards do not (virtual keyboards can in fact provide different kinds of feedback, including visual and audio): the issue is people not wanting to stop using physical keyboards, even when virtual keyboards provide overall significant advantages over the former.

    P. Douglas

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