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  • First Look at Arc Touch Mouse

    Hum, where did some of the comments go?

  • First Look at Arc Touch Mouse

    Cool thanks for digging on this.


    Well, I have to be honest, I don't recall one laptop or "netbook" from any of my friends or coworkers not having built-in bluetooth. As for a desktop, I would agree totally. My laptop with 2 usb ports really enjoys bluetooth, and it works on a similar way, just turn on the laptop and the mouse is ready to go.


    As for battery, could be, but my Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 handles 1-2 months with >8 hours per day of use with 2 Duracell 1000Mha rechargeable. I'm happy with it =), of course if I could have more, it would be great.


    I always thought it would be something related to costs, but maybe it's the process of pairing devices that it's a bit scary for the masses (and so the just pop and go would work great)?


    In my happy land, I would be able to flip a nice small switch under the mouse, and I would be able to use with bluetooth or with the MS dongle.  =)

  • First Look at Arc Touch Mouse

    Hey guys, great work on the mouse, it really looks nice. Congratulations. I have a (Microsoft) Bluetooth 5000 myself, and I got an Arc for my gf. I would love to carry the Arc with me, but the one major thing that prevents me from using some other mouse is always the lack of bluetooth. What's up with that?

    I really don't have a clue as why bluetooth mouses are so rare in numbers. Logitech's bluetooth are old and, well, ugly, and my 5000 pales when compared to my GF white arc. Could channel9 give me (and I bet others) some insight on this?


    Anyway, congratulations, I'll get one for my girl, and wait for the bluetooth version for me Wink