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PaoloM PaoloM Hypermedioc​rity
  • Java in Blu-ray DVD players

    Beer28 wrote:
    ScanIAm wrote:
    matt0210 wrote: ...And let me remind you how much memory goes bye-bye using dotnet. But then again, who cares. Systems have at least 512 these days...

    Please do remind me.  How much memory is lost by running .net?

    all the GC code, the garbage collector is a program all to itself.

    And, of course, the JVM doesn't have a GC, right?

    But yeah, let's compare the .NET framework vs Sun's JVM memory usage. I have the numbers (from my machine) right in front of me, so what are yours?

  • IE6 lock-up on list of Microsoft Bloggers

    Works fine with latest IE on XP SP2 and MSN tabs.

  • Study Shows Windows Beats Linux on Security

    And you are still proud of what you did.

    Simply stunning...

  • Xpath and .NET2

    W3bbo wrote:
    But what about CSS2.1 and IE7?The CSS2.1 spec won't be finalised until after (or around) IE7's release. Although most of the standard is stable, I don't think this should be an excuse not to support it. After all, all the other browsers out there do.
    I would refuse to implement any standard that is not finalized and ratified. People are going to (I need to watch my language) anyways, so why bother?

  • GRRRRRRRRRR II: The redux

    Maurits wrote:
    And the IETF puts forth "Requests For Comments"
    It's not important what the document is called... what's important is
    • whether it's clear
    • whether it's well-thought-out
    • how easy it is to implement
    • how many data producers and data consumers actually implement it

    Absolutely. You have to admit, tho, that many of those documents that came out of the w3c do not fit all your requirements. Especially the "easy to implement" one... Smiley

  • GRRRRRRRRRR II: The redux

    MagusOSY wrote:
    irascian wrote: A world where the browser only allows the standards
    The W3C puts forth recommendations, not specifications or standards.

    Yeah, but "you don't have a recommendation-compliant browser" sounds lame Smiley

  • GRRRRRRRRRR II: The redux

    AndyC wrote:
    Let's try that again...


    No, RSS is the future (this week). The browser is dead.

    I don't get it... I mean... it's serious stuff....


  • GRRRRRRRRRR II: The redux

    Beer28 wrote:
    As I posted in the other thread, RSS rips content from sites

    That's not true at all. RSS is a format OFFERED by a site. There's no "ripping" involved. It's a choice that a site makes to provide information without having to use a browser.
    Beer28 wrote:
    and displays it in a reader that is devoid of the viewing context including adverts(excluding mozilla readers). Some people sell adverts and will not want to give away their content and bandwidth. I'd say once realized, this will probably ring true for alot of people.

    So... they will remove the RSS feeds from their websites? What will they do?

  • Study Shows Windows Beats Linux on Security

    Beer28 wrote:

    Yes, that's exactly how you're seen now. Playing with plastic toys.

    Call us back when you grow up.

  • Study Shows Windows Beats Linux on Security

    Maurits wrote:
    the server is there for the express purpose of being hacked... Beer hacked it... perhaps he went a little overboard with his methods.

    No call for a witch-hunt here.

    For all we know, the server is diskless -- just a custom boot CD -- in which case all the admin has to do is reset it.  Only minimal effort.  If I was going to ask people to hack my server, I'd be darn sure beforehand that I could rebuild it by disk image or some such trick.

    Don't try to justify his actions. The server was there, open and WITH A CLEAR SET OF RULES.

    Disregarding the rules just to "win" something is not exactly what I call honorable or even "right".

    The fact that he's not even trying to apologize is just proof he is devoid of any ethos and thus he has no right to criticize other for the same thing.

    Until he realizes this and sends an apology email to mr. Coker, everything he says will be seen filtered through his actions. Any accusation of bad ethos or corporate wrongdoing will be turned back against him.

    Sorry, people do stupid things sometimes, but only stupid people fail to realize that.