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  • Bill Gates - A short chat with Microsoft's Chief Software Architect

    Wow, now I know why 14 year old girls scream everytime they see a star.

    It was good pep talk, not much substance: I kept thinking how does all that passion we see with Gates unable to sit quietly in his chair, how all that energy gets translated when he's commandeering, debating or arguing to an audience he doesn't seek to charm. Hmm, a lot to learn.

    I don't envy being in your position, Robert: I'd quake similarly and would not know on which foot to dance. Asking tough questions would probably not have been a good career move.

    Sven Groot wrote:
    I thought Alan Greenspan was the man who can move markets?
     Sven, you made me smile, but Robert is right: wasn't Microsoft credited with a very significant rise in US GDP (am I getting the terms wrong?) when they made those dividend payments?

    All of which highlights even further the spartan nature of Gates' office and his unparalleled drive. There was definitely no sense of any disdain, immodesty or brashness (if that's a word), I've got even more respect for the man than I had merely on the basis of his business and philanthropic achievements and commitments.Good work, c9 team, keep it up!

    EDIT: On a minor, grammar (I need to watch my language) note (forgive the hypocrisy, given I haven't even proofread my post), would it be possible to have closing quotation marks? Pleaseeeeeee, please, please? That'd make my day, I can't help noticing them... *bats eyes coyly*