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Patrick - TechEd 2013 Patrick​Dunlap

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  • Announcing: Microsoft’s Unified Technology Event for Enterprises

    Well its only a 3 hour drive to Chicago from West Michigan so my whole team should be able to rent a van and do a road trip.  I have already been prepping my WTL about this consolidated event since the rumors started floating about the venue.  In fact during a 1:1 I noted how we should start researching what we want to learn, who we want to talk to, team activities like labs, etc at the beginning of the year.

    I agree with others in that I think the consolidation does little to benefit the attendee as noted you can't send your whole team and leave no one covering your sites.  Also means that you are going to have major conflicts if you want to attend SharePoint, Lync, or other typical deep dive sessions that occur during other TechEd ones.  And it will be VERY crowded, very impersonal, and has the potential for a complete cluster - you know what.

  • Tech Ed New Orleans: The who, what, why and The Krewe

    TechEd 2013 was a mixed bag for me.  

    Good: Well run convention. Liked NOLA better then I thought I would, made an effort to network more and joined TheKrewe this year, great Expo hall with knowledgeable vendors, hands on were good. The MS people were professional, knowledgeable, and helpful.

    Bad: Sessions felt like a level below their ranking, aka, a 300 seemed like a 200 - ended up walking out of a few because they were so basic, food was blah (not really MS fault since they have to use the hall's food), snacks were blah (seems petty but other vendor events really do a great job of this and TechEd has in the past), skipped the end party, the way the selling of the Surface was done was a mess and really wasted attendee's valuable TechEd time.

    And really, charging TechEd attendees $100 for an RT when they later give Build attendees almost $2000 of stuff?  That just seems tacky.  And why not just tell us then and there that TechNet was being done away with?  I mean that why were there, to learn about MS, how to use their products and services.  No way they did not know that then when they decided not give that away for free this year. 

    Overall, got my $2000 attendance money's worth, nothing more, nothing less.  Nothing wow'ed me (other than meeting some great people). In no way did Microsoft convey to me "we really, really value our sys-ops".  I know I hold Microsoft to high standards but I know Microsoft can do better if they want to.


  • The Microsoft TechEd 2013 bag is revealed…and once again, it’s super-green.

    Kinda liked last years bag(s) better, rather cool looking in fact, my co-working has one and its nice.  You even got a choice of three styles (while they lasted) but all three looked cool.  Heck, I could even see myself using one of the 2012 bags.  This years... IDK, seems a bit bland, will be giving that one away.

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  • Windows RT in the Enterprise

    The biggest hurdle I have noted with Windows RT in the enterprise so far as been vendor VPN support.  Will this session address VPN connections through the major vendors such as Citrix, Cisco, Juniper, etc?  Thank you.

  • Managing Microsoft Software Updates

    My enterprise currently uses WSUS and I already sent and received a reply from the WSUS blog guys (maybe one of you?) that there will be nothing at TechEd on WSUS.  Is there a session that might discuss how Microsoft does updates in general?  Not so much about the deployment tools such as System Center but how MS categorizes them, tests them, who to contact if you have a patch issue, etc.  Thank you.

  • Implementing Microsoft Application ​Virtualizat​ion 5.0: Lessons Learned from a Production Rollout

    Can you run App-V apps on Windows RT devices?  Is there a roadmap to be able to do this in the future?  Can you run apps that are compiled for ARMs via App-V?  If any of these questions are yes (or maybe) is there a session or break out that I can learn more about?  Thank you.

  • x86, x64 or ARM? Forget the Details and Use Remote Resources to Run Any App on Your Windows Device

    Qu: Are there any sessions or breakouts, etc. that would discuss how to get Windows RT connected through VPN systems such as Juniper and such?  I have seen some online detailing using PowerShell and other blogs with comments but it all seems like a rather big mess to try and do with no vender support and have read some rather discontented responses reported to be from VPN vendors like Cisco that they do not have the proper APIs to even write apps like the Pulse Junos one I use just fine on my iPad .  What good are RDP and RemoteApp if you can't connect to the corporate resource?  Thanks.

  • Join the celebration at TechEd 2013!

    IDK, the rest of my work team got to go to TechEd last year in Orlando and Microsoft rented out the whole Islands of Adventure at Universal for the night including the new Harry Potter one. Even the Mardi Gras World one during the 2010 TechEd seems more interesting.  

    Bit disappointed in venue.