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Product manager at 1E (.com). Previously a solutions engineer, and 12 years at Microsoft (mostly Microsoft IT, mainly dogfooding ConfigMgr).


  • Tip, tricks, and secrets: ​Building a great UWP app for PC

    @StefanWick: note that the fix is a relative path, so adjust accordingly if your solution is not on the same drive as the assembly

  • Troubleshoo​ting Surface power management during modern standby

    Great stuff! At 2:50 you mention the WiFi issue. Is that due to Active Directory WiFi policies, or something else?

  • Secure ​Authenticat​ion with Windows Hello

    Awesome session. Very well presented, with lots of details. Phishing is obviously a huge security issue, and Passport/Hello clearly addresses it (in this layman's understanding). It will take a while for enough people to get the right hardware, but the solution is in our grasp.

  • Battery Life: Debugging Power Problems with Standby

    Note that the slides in the video are in Chinese but the downloadable slides here are in English. So it's best to follow the slides on your own machine while listening to the video. The slides are also easier to read on your own machine (especially the animations).

  • Endpoint Zone 6: Conditional Access, Azure Remote App, Ignite and something special

    Would you call the step after the Conditional Access / MDM registration process, "Provisioning", in the official Microsoft Windows 10 sense of the word?

    I understand the Windows 10 provisioning concept and I'm sure similar mechanisms will be used to invoke it. But is this a specific example, or just a similar set of features?

  • Microsoft Campus Tours - Building 20 Remodel

    That was the HR building for a long time, wasn't it? I did an interview there. This is much improved. And I got some ideas for my home office - thanks.

  • Our Server Journey

    Now I'm being Mr. Obvious: "Deep Refactoring" - does that mean I should be really hesitant about the move to this new Windows Server? Lots of testing, let the industry sort out the issues first, etc. Isn't the risk high when there's that much change?

    I don't imagine you want us to hesitate that much.

  • Our Server Journey

    How does OWMI compare with WBEM?

    I'm sure there are plenty of technical differences, but WBEM was based on a similar imperative. So why will OWMI succeed when WBEM didn't?


  • Our Server Journey

    I love the Digital history stories. I was a VAX/VMS system manager once upon a time. MicroVMS, OpenVMS, Pathworks, VAX clusters. All that great stuff.

    The world is very different today, but it's always been fun!!

  • App Insights Performance Monitoring

    I really hate to be superficial,but I can't help admiring the Edge sticker on your Surface. Very nice. How might external fans acquire such a fine graphic?...

  • IoTShow: Kick-Off and Steve Teixeira Interview

    Good stuff. A few suggestions:

    - Why Microsoft? I love Microsoft, but that in itself isn't a good enough reason to embrace the Microsoft approach to IoT

    - consistency in dev tools and operating systems makes sense, so that could be a reason, but it could also mean that Microsoft IoT evolves less quickly than the alternatives

    - more details on the the roadmap, of course (though I understand why there's hesitation to release such details)

    - great management and security could be reasons, and it's easy to imagine Microsoft thinking so, but what's the plan? So we could use more discussion of those topics

    - I've got the Galileo, and it works well. The samples are decent, but limited in number. The documentation seems even more limited. Is there a plan to take it to the next level? In truth this is part of what makes me hesitate to embrace the Microsoft vision - if the investment is limited here, will it be limited later, or in other ways?

    Thanks, and I'm excited to hear more!

  • Defrag Tools #111 - Programming Windows Store Apps with HTML, CSS and JavaScript Part 1

    Wow - his book is ONLY available for free. Kraig explains his book this video in one of the the most articulate and passionate discussions I've ever seen, and yet when I go to get the book it's FREE! I'm feeling guilty. I'll give it a serious read for sure.

    And to be clear, I have no relationship whatsoever with Kraig, MSDN, or even Microsoft (these days).

    Thank you!!!

    p.s. I would like a physical book, even if I have to pay for it...

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