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  • Defrag Tools: #73 - Message Analyzer - Part 3

    Yes, it can be used to view any text logs, but there needs to be an associated text log configuration file.  These are basically regex like expressions that parse and pull out the relevant fields.  There are some examples in the product (IIS, Cluster, and Samba Logs), but I can follow up with a blog or another video at some point with more detail. 


  • Defrag Tools: #72 - Message Analyzer - Part 2

    I'm not sure how you got an Process ID column that is empty.  I assume this was a Link Layer capture?  Which trace scenario did you use?  Was the traffic all of the same type (hint use grouping on Process ID)? 

    One thing about Process ID, is that it's more accurate for outgoing traffic.  In the case of incoming traffic, the Process ID could be based on the current process that happens to be busy at the time.  We do plan to expose a more high level process info at some point in the future.


  • Defrag Tools: #71 - Message Analyzer - Part 1

    S3curityPlu5, please let me know which issue are blocking you now.  Since we've released Message Anazlyer, we are hoping that there is nothing critical that should stop you or anybody else from installing, but perhaps you know of something specific.