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  • Series Wrap-Up - 21

    Very touching ending, I've almost cried. Seriously..)) Thank you, Bob. 

  • Where to Go From Here - 21

    Thanks for your courses. Greetings from revolutionary Ukraine.

  • Understandi​ng the HTML5 You Wrote - 04

    Thank you, Bob for this captivating series. It fascinates me the same way as the tutorials about playing guitar by great guy Justin Sandercoe in the past. You are great techer and I'm going to watch the rest of serie, thanks.

    @Jimmy: It also happened with me, but I realize that it's because of different sizes of browser's window and there is not enough text to fill the space to the left of the first image. If you played with the width of browser's window, you would see how the page will become the same as in the Bob's video.

    ***Maybe, I'm wrong.