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  • SQL Server C#: what’s new

    We really need .net core xplat always encrypted support.

  • Building Multitenant SaaS Applications with Tenant Isolation and Unlimited Scale on Azure SQL Database



    I was thinking the same thing. Great question. 


  • Larry Osterman: Happy Birthday Channel 9!

    I'm sure this has been said before but WOW, all of the sudden I feel old!!! This just started up the other day!!. It's my secret that I evangilize to my peers; which given after 5 years ( really???) I see it as mainstream now!!. Good job guys!!! Really have appreciated the material you've contributed throughout the years (5...really??? they go soooo fast). Anywayz..Good stuff..


  • Entity Framework Futures

    Some more feature checks (maybe MS will see this???)

    1. When defining TPT or TPH relationships, will the designer ask for the relational design\technique that it should use when gen-ing the DDL statements?
    2. Must every Entity map to a table when on the design surface? Can base classes be non-abstract now(real POCO here??). Are there any thoughts on the overlap between this designer and the class designer? Should they not merge at some point given your POCO goals?
    3. With Oslo support can we expect the ability to segment models into smaller chunks (say by domain). Making it easier to work with large systems, especially in an environment where multiple teams are feeding off of one model
    4. If we take the model first approach, can we control where our classes are written to (their individual namespace and .cs file so our whole type system isn't rolled up into one monster file)
    5. Will this thing pay my taxes for me? Perhaps fetch coffe amongst other chores......


  • Ray Ozzie: Reflections on Azure

    Don't chug the kool-aid too quickly. Ask them about the glaring problems between WPF and SL. There are technical differences with data binding, styles, templates (see Dino Expresso). Platform differences here force us to write the same stuff over again for each app type. A little off topic but I think this is a big problem that they're not talking about enough.