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PerfectPhase PerfectPhase "This is not war, this is pest control!" - Dalek to Cyberman
  • BSG

    eddwo wrote:

    Guess I'll have to wait a while for that, but we do have Stargate Atlantis starting tonight in the UK.

    Actually I think its started already I've missed half.


    Don't do that to me, just had a minor panic!  I would have been slightly miffed if I missed that!

    Looks like us UK people will have to wait till the Autumn for SG-1 and Atlantis Sad


  • Yay for forgetting my IP address

    -- dupe ---


  • C# Class for Working with XML file

    sbc wrote:
    Don't have VS, are there any free tools for creating schemas?

    Notpad?  Wink


  • C# Class for Working with XML file

    Use VS to create a schema then use the frameworks xsd.exe to generate a wrapper class, or use this adding for VS. 


    Codesmith is also quite good for this sort of thing, I think it has an XSD->wrapper template



  • OK London Channel9ers sound off please

    There is a video feed of BBC News off this page that's working quite well.



  • Problem upgrading ASP.NET web page from v1 to v2

    Thats good news that they are going to fix it for RTM

    scottgu wrote:

    -- Custom Page Base Classes that code-behind classes derive from that declare controls as field declarations.  Because of the changes to the code-behind model, users who have migrated apps to V2 sometimes see null reference exceptions when accessing these fields on the “grandparent” base-class because the .aspx compiler can’t correctly wire-up the control references to the fields.  We’ve now added support for this in V2, and the migration wizard will automatically configure code-behind classes that use custom base classes appropriately for you

    I'm intreasted to know if they have fixed it in the migration wizard, which would suggest I should be possible to get it working in Beta2 or if the have changed the runtime.  It would be nice if the aspx compiler could use reflection to look for matching control definitions in the base class, and if it finds them use them instead of generating it's own instance.


  • Problem upgrading ASP.NET web page from v1 to v2

    I'm trying to work out how to do something in v2 that I use a lot in v1

    Basically I have a base class that declares several controls such as a label and command button as protected members, then I have an aspx page that that inherits from the base class. now this all worked in v1, the <asp:label> in the aspx page would get wired up to the member in the base class via the code behind file.

    In V2 with partial classes and the changes made in beta 2 to allow deployment of the aspx pages this does not work any more.  If the aspx and the code behind where real partial classes it may have worked, but as we now have:

    Aspx <--Partial--> Glue Code (1)
                       More Glue <--Partial--> Codebehind
                                                Base Class (2)

     In this set up the label is re-declared in (1) and thus hides the one in the base class (2).

    I can't see a way around this as I have no access to the code in (1), generated by the runtime, there is no way I can remove the definition.

    I'm trying to think of a way that avoids me having to rewrite loads of code.

    Thanks for any advice,


  • Disable enhanced security in Outlook 2003

    When Outlook 2003 is running in stand alone mode (i.e. no exchange server) using POP3, how do you disable the security that stops you launching links to external web sites in emails.



  • London beats Paris to 2012 Games

    Congestion charge



  • Software patent bill thrown out

    There's always a next time, but a bit of breathing space for the moment.