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PerfectPhase PerfectPhase "This is not war, this is pest control!" - Dalek to Cyberman
  • ASP.NET v2 Gridview and CSS

    I was just playing with the pager in the new Gridview and was trying to add a style to it.  The pager is rendered something like this

    <tr class="MyPagerRowStyle">   //Gridview pager row
                <td><span>1</span></td>     //current page
                <td><a href='...'>1</a></td>
                <td><a href='...'>1</a></td>
                <td><a href='...'>1</a></td>

    I have added a boarder to each of the innermost td's (.MyPagerRowStyle td table tr td) and set the background colour, but I want to set the background colour of the current page to something different.  Is there a way in CSS to have a class apply to a td only if it contains a span tag?

    Failing that is there a way to make the span tag fully fit the td so I can set the spans background colour.

    Any advice gratfully recieved, I'm not very good with CSS yet!


  • Sql questions

    I have two questions on what the best way to do things in SQL (MS-SQL 2000 or 2005)

    1)  Select a random record from a query.
    2)  Paging, how to select a subset of a query.

    Sounds simple things, but not really come up with a good answer for either, if anyone has any ideas I'd like to know!


  • Weird webserver behaviour

    If the copy thing does not pan out, there could be a caching server sitting infront of the real server, try adding a no-cache header.



  • Word broke my PC!

    W3bbo wrote:
    Cider wrote: Wonder if it has something to do with Equation Editor?

    EE installs the first time you try to use it.  Has anyone who is having problems tried to install EE first (ie. open a new document and then insert an Equation, and it will give you a prompt to install EE) and then try and open w3bbo's file after that.

    Nope, I already had EE installed. Word only crashed when I double-clicked on the page header.

    Okay, "crashed" isn't the right word, if it did crash, then NT Authority would have closed it or something. Rather, how about: "screws my kernel sideways"

    It's not the EE, it's the picture of the graph.  I removed all the equations and it still crashed, removed the graph and it's fine.


  • Word broke my PC!

    ZippyV wrote:
    FU W3bbo, it froze my pc too.
    How come Word and IE are able to freeze the whole operating system?
    It's not a crash of the drivers otherwise I would have seen a bsod.

    Kill my machine, full patched XP+Office.


  • Collecting *Exceptions* from user via internet.

    You could have an ASP.Net webservice running with a function that takes an exception and stuffs it into a DB for you, and have your remote app call said service.

    Or you might be able to use Windows error reporting and use MS's servers.  Bit of PIvoking required though



  • Huge Exchange mailboxes

    This is a good link.


    I have never used an offline defrag except for trouble shooting, so unless you are really in a bing, just let Exchange expire the messages by it's self.  The Online defrager should take care of most of the day to day stuff for you.


  • [C#] Adding controls to a control at design time

    I just had a look in more detail at what I did.  Remember Reflector is your friend.  The class is in System.Design.dll.  The class you are really intreasted in is ParentControlDesigner

    Simple answer is inherit your control from panel directly, that will give you drag and drop support.  Other than that, have a look at this for ideas






  • Codec Woes.

    Werid, I have the exact same issue on an old MPEG-1 video I encoded back in 2000, all the colour is washed out and the colour depth looks 8bit at times.

    I had just upgraded to the latest NVIDIA drivers and the above instructions solved it for me, Thanks!


  • Huge Exchange mailboxes

    Arran wrote:

    In outlook i think you can delete the recover items by going "Tools" -> "Recover Deleted Items.." and empty that.

    The deleted Items policy is enforced on the server, I think that the default is 30 day, there is no way for a client to force the deletion of these messages.

    If you really need to recover space you can set this down to zero and do an offline defrag, that should get all your space back but I don't really recommend that.