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PerfectPhase PerfectPhase "This is not war, this is pest control!" - Dalek to Cyberman
  • Software patent bill thrown out

    Finally some sense from the EU!

    The European Parliament voted 648 to 14 to reject the Computer Implemented Inventions Directive.



  • London beats Paris to 2012 Games



  • ASP.NET v2 Gridview and CSS

    Well thats no good Wink



  • ASP.NET-2.0 Master-Pages

    spoofnozzle wrote:

    MasterPage1 has 2 placeholders::

    PlaceHolderA <--> ContentPage1
    PlaceHolderB <--> MasterPage2

    Masterpage2 has 5 placeholders::

    PlaceHolderC <--> ContentPage2
    PlaceHolderD <--> ContentPage3
    PlaceHolderE <--> ContentPage4
    PlaceHolderF <--> ContentPage5
    PlaceHolderG <--> ContentPage6

    As rv said, the includes only work up the page, think of it as a branching tree with the root master at the top fanning out through nested masters to content pages.  Your Content place holders must be filled by nodes as you work up the tree, you can call back down a different branch.

    Want you want to do is put the included content (pages 1,2,3,5,6) in UserControls (ascx) and inclde them in the most derived page where the content is common instead of ContentPlaceHolders. Then when you call ContentPage4 it should all work.  So you would end up with something like

    MasterPage1 ::

    PlaceHolderB <--> MasterPage2

    Masterpage2 ::

    PlaceHolderE <--> ContentPage4

    Ofcourse you can add more masterpages if you want for example to define the layout first then add controls in the next layer down.


  • ASP.NET-2.0 Master-Pages

    you have a master page that has named contentent place holders, these pages have the .master extension.  you per page content then goes into normal aspx pages that have Content tags that match all the ContentPlaceHolder tags in the .master via ContentPlaceHolderID atrributes.

    For Nested masters, you just have contentPlaceHolder tags inside content tags in .master pages.

    It works that your base aspx page inclues the masters, so you must fullfill all your content place holders from the aspx page. you can't have the idea where you can implement each of the content place holders in differnt files.

    for example if your root master defines a basic layout with ContentPlaceHolder1, ContentPlaceHolder2, then your nested master might add a banner into ContentPlaceHolder1 and in its implentation of ContentPlaceHolder2 (i.e. a content tag) it would contain another ContentPlaceHolder holder tag, ContentPlaceHolder3.  The final part is to add a content tag into your aspx page that the client calls that implements ContentPlaceHolder3.

    Only the root .master shold have the standard HTML boilerplate and form tag, the remaining .masters and .aspx should only containg content in content tags.

    Sorry if thats a bit of a mess, it's late and I need to sleep!


  • ASP.NET v2 Gridview and CSS

    I was just playing with the pager in the new Gridview and was trying to add a style to it.  The pager is rendered something like this

    <tr class="MyPagerRowStyle">   //Gridview pager row
                <td><span>1</span></td>     //current page
                <td><a href='...'>1</a></td>
                <td><a href='...'>1</a></td>
                <td><a href='...'>1</a></td>

    I have added a boarder to each of the innermost td's (.MyPagerRowStyle td table tr td) and set the background colour, but I want to set the background colour of the current page to something different.  Is there a way in CSS to have a class apply to a td only if it contains a span tag?

    Failing that is there a way to make the span tag fully fit the td so I can set the spans background colour.

    Any advice gratfully recieved, I'm not very good with CSS yet!


  • Sql questions

    I have two questions on what the best way to do things in SQL (MS-SQL 2000 or 2005)

    1)  Select a random record from a query.
    2)  Paging, how to select a subset of a query.

    Sounds simple things, but not really come up with a good answer for either, if anyone has any ideas I'd like to know!


  • Weird webserver behaviour

    If the copy thing does not pan out, there could be a caching server sitting infront of the real server, try adding a no-cache header.



  • Word broke my PC!

    W3bbo wrote:
    Cider wrote: Wonder if it has something to do with Equation Editor?

    EE installs the first time you try to use it.  Has anyone who is having problems tried to install EE first (ie. open a new document and then insert an Equation, and it will give you a prompt to install EE) and then try and open w3bbo's file after that.

    Nope, I already had EE installed. Word only crashed when I double-clicked on the page header.

    Okay, "crashed" isn't the right word, if it did crash, then NT Authority would have closed it or something. Rather, how about: "screws my kernel sideways"

    It's not the EE, it's the picture of the graph.  I removed all the equations and it still crashed, removed the graph and it's fine.


  • Word broke my PC!

    ZippyV wrote:
    FU W3bbo, it froze my pc too.
    How come Word and IE are able to freeze the whole operating system?
    It's not a crash of the drivers otherwise I would have seen a bsod.

    Kill my machine, full patched XP+Office.