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PerfectPhase PerfectPhase "This is not war, this is pest control!" - Dalek to Cyberman
  • Loading Images via SQL2000

    On the server for sure, you just have to watch out for name collisions when saving the uploaded files to disk.


  • Stupidest eBay auction yet.

    Beer28 wrote:
    code signing is free on linux with gnupg. A code signing certificate is still a bigger rip off than selling a GUID in my opinion because they're selling you nothing, just like the GUID.

    If I went on ebay selling rpm signing certificates, you would mark me with a post as a charlatan no doubt, and with good reason.

    If you actually took the time to verify who I was and that your root certificate was installed on enough machines and you had the reputation of being a sound trustworthy certificate authority then good luck, sell away; other wise the certificates are useless.  Whats the point is signing something if you can't trust the signer is who they say they are.

    Code signing tools may be free, but the trust isn't and that's what you are paying for!


  • Loading Images via SQL2000

    depends on what you really want to do.   URL is definatly the easiest and fastest if you let IIS server the image up for you directly.  I have one app for example that stores the image in the DB because the security sytem does not map to NTFS ACL's very well and it was easier to secure if the image was stored in the DB.  It's also easier to handle having the app running on multiple servers as you don't have to mirror the files to each web server, just let SQL server replication handle it for you. 

    Many pro and cons for each, give us a bit more detail on your app (i've assumed it was ASP.NET) and we can give you a better answer.

  • Insecticide preview

    BTW did you know Gemini is free for open source/.Net Community projects?  Might be of intreast?



  • WIKI : IS IT ​TRUSTABLE..​Feels not #

    Here's another link to the above story



  • How big is/are your Hard Drive/​Drives?

    In my work desktop

    1 x 160Gb System disc
    1 x 160Gb for development work.
    2 x 300GB In RAID-0 (i.e. stripe set) for VmWare images.

    My Laptop has a 60Gb 7200rpm drive.

    My home machine has a couple of 120's and 160 in it.


  • Can anyone recommend a network monitor?

    I like ethereal for plain capture, but if you have some cash to splash Iris from eeye is very good.



  • NTVDM Pointers

    BugFree wrote:
    Thanks for the reply nightski,

    Turns out I was barking up the wrong tree to start with, but what I was attempting to do was read the shared memory space used by 16bit exe's when they run under NTVDM on a 32bit enviroment.

    If your talking about between 2 16Bit exe's, the results you get will change depending on if the 'Run in Own Memory space' option is enabled.


  • Coolest Microsoft Software Ever!!!

    Yep, I need about 6 languages anyway, so I thought I'd might as well have the lot.  Then when I finally realised how much it was going to download, and if you change it now it blows away all you currently have downloaded I decided just to let it run.


  • Coolest Microsoft Software Ever!!!

    Oh my god, it's downloaded 10Gb of updates so far and is still going!