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PerfectPhase PerfectPhase "This is not war, this is pest control!" - Dalek to Cyberman
  • Signing previously unsigned and distributed binaries

    Are we talking appX through the store, or general 'desktop/legacy' i.e. Win32 outside the store?

    I've seen that there is a change to the driver model coming that means all drivers have to be signed by MS.... (http://blogs.msdn.com/b/windows_hardware_certification/archive/2015/04/01/driver-signing-changes-in-windows-10.aspx)


  • No 3rd party payments through MS Store on Windows 10

    My guess is that all in app/game purchases must go through the store so MS can have their cut, same as the apple store.

    If true, that's taking the p*** a bit given MS's bust-up with apple about purchasing space on OneDrive etc. :)

  • Signing previously unsigned and distributed binaries

    As a sysadmin, can see App-V getting more use over the next few years.  Test deploy the app under the packager, sign everything with an internal cert, distribute the result via an App-V package.

  • Only April 29 Session of Build on the C9 Xbox One App

    @Michael Butler: Thanks for the tip sat down to watch some stuff last night and was deflated when it wasn't all there :)

    Fortunately there is  lot of stuff under Ignite that kept me amused :)

  • The most important Windows 10 news of the day

    @fanbaby: Yep, that's pretty cool, especially as it says quite clearly they intend to commit this back to the main node repo when it's stable.

  • Best of //build/

    @Bass: As stated in pretty every talk given on VS code over the last week, their aim in this preview is to support an excellent experience for their languages (C#, TypeScript) as well as basic web technologies such as HTML and CSS on as wide range of platforms as possible first and then to move onto other (community supported via extensions) languages after that.

    They seemed pretty pragmatic, saying if it doesn't work well for your language then use something better, there are lots of options, but over time they'd like you're choice to be VS-Code :)

  • Raspberry Pi and Windows 10 hands on

    @Bass: My take on this is they will not port the desktop shell to the PI for some of the same reasons that RT crashed and burned. 

    Zero of the currently deployed software will run as it will have to be re-compiled as ARM.  Yes, you could run some windows store apps, buts lets not even bother with that as there are so few.

    Driver compatibility. Again while there is promise of the support of the entire windows driver eco-system and the Windows Universal Driver Model, but again there is near zero not-in-box support of this until the OEMs recompile and re certify their drivers for ARM, as evidenced by the fact there is not even WiFi support on the pi image yet.

    More likely will be a third party BSP being released to support porting of the Windows Mobile SKU to the Broadcom BCM2836 SoC and hence the raspberry PI, this would get you a shell (tablet launcher, basically the start screen from windows phone) and support for Windows 'Metro' and UAP apps (i.e. windows store and windows phone) and Continuum support. Legality of distributing a full OS image based on this is another question at this point.

    As the team that is doing the 'Windows IoT Core for Small Devices' port to the Pi is called the 'self-enablement' team, I'll let you extrapolate where this is going.

    Personally I'll stick to one of the excellent Linux distros for the PI when I want a desktop OS on it, and use the Windows IoT OS when it makes sense.

  • Continuum

    Not announced anything, but they're saying they need a silicon change so that the processor can drive two displays at different resolutions.

  • Best of //build/

    @Bass:In the talks about this they described the editor as have three levels of language support

    1) Colourise and brace matching

    2) Intellisense  (i.e. C# via omnisharp)

    3) Refactor  (i.e. C# via rosyln)

    They said that at the moment in the preview only C# and Typescript were at level three, level 2 languages are CSS, Less, HTML and JavaScript; but there were about 30 at level one.  They also mentioned it supports TextMate bundles, which is where most of the level one support was coming from.  They plan to open up the extension model to allow third party support of L2 and L3 in the next couple of drops.

    For example they are looking at using Clang for C++ L3 extension support.

  • Raspberry Pi and Windows 10 hands on

    Use the most basic mouse you can, I tried with a fancy wireless mouse and it didn't work, tried with a much more basic version and it was fine.