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  • Vista User Account Control

    Hakime wrote:
    I don't really think that those two guys really understand how user accounts work in the mac. Pretending that the mac has a sinple log in/log out that puts you in an administrator account with full privileges is just a big lie to the face of the camera.

    This is the sort of comment that diminishes discussion and holds civilistaion back.  Hakime may be browsing in Safari but that's no excuse for presenting failed logic.  If those two guys don't understand then how can what they say be a lie?  It's like the accusations of lying when holding imperfect knowledge (as we do most of the time) over WMD when dismissing Saddam.  An error isn't a lie.

    But what interests me here is the recent suggestion I saw saying that UAC won't prevent misuse of system resources by people who plant malware in our machines.  It seems that some code just doesn't NEED admin rights to perform its work.