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  • TWC9: Build.​Reflection

    Great Show.

    And for the peeps that feel that VB.NET is being left out in the cold with regard to new language features then I recommend this great Blog post by the fab Lucian Wischik :



  • Channel 9 turns 9!

    Can't believe it has been 9 years!

    Happy Birthday C9 Team.

    Thanks for an awesome 9 years of content...... looking forward to the next 9 years worth Wink

  • TechDays 11 Basel - The Future of C# and Visual Basic

    Really enjoyed this talk, Lucian.

    You gave some nice clear and concise metaphors for Async. Big Smile

  • Bug Killer – A Channel 9 Halloween special



    Really well done.


    Love the B&W look....


    Also perfect balance of hammy and scary....Smiley

  • Jeff Henshaw and David Alles - Xbox 360 and Media Center: Living room of the future

    androidi wrote:
    Now that you're done with the Introduction, how about a "deep" series of Xbox 360? I would like to get a tour inside the box with a discussion about the process of planning and engineering a console goes - including design/choices made and how did MS choose the CPU and how was the needed features for the graphics chip figured out etc. And then another video about the software side, including sdk / xna (will future PC games be playable only with Xbox controller?) and some game Xbox 360 developer.

    Yeah, an interview about some of the subtle design choices would be great.

    Here as few links to keep you going.
    The first is a very detailed technical overview of the XB360's GPU (it is the first Unfied Shader chip it also has EDRAM module + Logic for ultra fast Blend + AA).

    ATI Xenos: XBOX 360 Graphics Demystified

    The second two are focused on the Xenon CPU(s) and procedural synthesis.

    Inside the Xbox 360, Part II: the Xenon CPU

    Inside the Xbox 360, part I: procedural synthesis and dynamic worlds

  • Brian Benincasa - Talking Graphics Technologies at Meltdown Conference

    androidi wrote:

    Microsoft, given that you now recognize (after looking at this video) that not all the videos around the net are shot in decent lighting and so on, how about relaying this message to the WMP team:

    It would be greatly appreciated if the video equalization (contrast,brighness,saturation atleast) would be accessible through at most 1 keypress or 2 mouse actions at all times. And if visible they would not steal, at worst case, half of the WMP window. I know the rest of the space is for more space hungry controls like audio equalization but that doesn't mean every other control takes the equal amount of space. Alternatively there could be some dumb-user button "this video stinks, please adjust the settings automatically to give decent picture". There is this kind of functionality in say Photoshop (Auto-levels, -contrast, -color), so certainly worth a thought.

    edit: Uh yes it looks ok if I push my display settings to the 90% (uber bright desktop) or gamma correct (Uh then I need to change it back for the next video) but the eyes are still hard to see without manual adjusting (Photoshop: Shadow/Highlights would fix this). So usability to WMP thanks!

    If you have a ATI graphics card,then in the last couple of ATI Catalyst drivers (when using the CCC 'Catalyst Control Centre' built on .NET 1.1 forms!) under the 'Video' tab there are some video presets, the 'Office' preset is perfect for these darker Channel9 videos.
  • Steve Cellini - Meet the PDC Planning Team

    You hit the point I wanted to ask thoughs in the know at Channel9 - How much of the PDC sessions and will be webcasted/streamed?

    One thing that I was amazied by in the last two years was that ATI (yes the graphics card company) have used Microsoft's Media Services/Producer to build a web-presentation/webcasts with the session slides (in powerpoint format) that automatically roleover to the video stream of the presentations. This allowed people who couldn't attend GDC (Gamers Developers Conference) to not miss the valuable content.

    Have previous years PDC's leveraged the web to have streaming webcasts of the sessions? If so where are the URLs so I can review them?

    Will this years PDC have these web-presentation/webcasts (so people who can't attend can see some content?)