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PeterDouglas PeterDouglas
  • The fanboi problem

    @wastingtimewithforums: Why would ANYONE want to lock themselves inside a store where not only you lose control of distributing of YOUR applications, you also lose 30% of the sales. This issue where you HAVE to ask PERMISSION FROM MICROSOFT to distribute YOUR application written in WinRT is being ignored by almost ALL news media on purpose.

    It's amazing how blind people can be.

    The whole startmenu removal is just a decoy. So obvious.

  • Double use of the word "Metro" has/will hurt Microsoft

    @Vaccano: "and those passionate about software development". O RLY? If someone is passionated about software development, why would they develop in something where you HAVE to ask Microsoft for PERMISSION TO DISTRIBUTE YOUR OWN APPLICATION? AND forced to pay them a 30% cut of the sales. LOL

    NOT in this life time, not for me. Never!

  • WinRT API, it will go the way of gadgets!

    Beside myself, I know many and know personally 3 programmers who will never ever touch WinRT because of the lock-in. That you must ask Microsoft for permission to distribute your program AND give them 30% of it AND forced to be a public application.

    Developers are jumping ship right and left.

    If this trend continues in Windows 9, Windows 8 won't be just another Vista but Microsoft will go the way of IBM. It might already be too late.

    I no longer TRUST Microsoft. That is a HUGE issue which Microsoft isn't seeing here.

    When your developers are jumping ships, it is the beginning of the end.

    But of course, this being Channel 9, the den of unpolite fools, most regulars will never understand it.

  • Does Microsoft plan to continue supporting Win32 APIs after Windows 8 is released (desktop ​application​s)

    @IDWMaster: Don't forget, anything written in WinRT MUST be installed from Microsoft Marketplace. Chew on that candy for a while! You no longer are ALLOWED to give YOUR application to whoever you like WITHOUT PERMISSION from Microsoft.

    The bigger question is not about Win APIs, the question is, is your PC YOURS anymore?

    Of course, anything else rather than praises and flowers will be bashed here by the 10-15 regulars hanging in here. Don't expect much from them. Their bags are all empty.

  • No love but money, $500!

    @rectifier: "I made a reasonable, logical debate, though you keep calling me a fool. I'm pretty much done with this debate, said what I needed to say."

    There was nothing logical about your "debate". I was never expecting you to understand my reply to your so called "debate" anyway. My reply there was not directed toward an unwashed fool, like yourself.

  • No love but money, $500!

    @rectifier: "This is SO SIMPLE, the code is OPEN SOURCE, you were directed RIGHT TO IT."

    YET, even for $500 you are unable to produce a working sample.

    Big Smile

  • No love but money, $500!

    @vesuvius: No.

  • No love but money, $500!

    @rectifier: My example was from an old but actual project. You are just blowing smoke because you want to get paid higher than normal. A print function doesn't have to be expensive. It can "talk" to other parts with ease. It's not sending a rocket to the moon.

    Not all projects are simple of course, but MANY are.  You are afraid of outsourcing, that's basically what it comes down to.

    Heck, I am too! But it doesn't mean it is always a bad thing. Be objective.

  • No love but money, $500!

    @rectifier: So $500 for a "simple" question on a forum is now too low? Needs maintaining? Support? What are you talking about? *lol*

  • Did Windows 8 just kill my PSU?

    @Sven Groot: Are you nuts? No, it didn't kill your PSU. LOL