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PeterF PeterF Aragon IT
  • can't save file as All

    I've somehow got a feeling you're doing his homework ;)

  • Got my Lumia 950XL


    To turn that off you have to go to: All settings => Extras => Glance screen

    If you're so concerned about battery drain also don't forget to go to All settings => Devices => NFC and turn that off

    I think glance screen is nice enough to keep, it will switch off after a set number of minutes, and when you use a flip cover it automatically switches off and on again using the proximity sensor.

  • Reaction toward Lumia950 reviews.

    Well, the build running on my new 950XL sure is less stable than the last Insider build. I've noticed a fair amount of crashes of the settings app, but more annoying is that I'm unable to download the en-US speech files (it's a French Dual Sim model).

    To sum up the issues in the current build:

    • Unable to download speech files
    • Brightness settings lack Auto option when using action panel
    • Lack of VPN action
    • Glance screen has an option for background photo but that doesn't work
    • Dual sim empty slot error is always shown at the top, no way to hide it
    • No double tap
    • No Here apps
    • Notifications on Band 2 not always shown
    • Messaging app only shows the two sim's Text options, Skype is not in the list although I receive Skype messages

    For the rest, it's considerably faster than the Lumia 930 and Iris recognition works surprisingly fast even with sun glasses!

  • netflix on win10?

    That's strange, I can set it all apps any size, both in the regular as the insider preview builds. Seems something is fishy with your installation and unrelated to Netflix... Can a bad video driver be the cause? Change your screen resolution and try again...

  • New Lumias to feature Google Play Store?

    And then there's this rumour: http://www.winbeta.org/news/rumor-suggests-google-will-debut-apps-windows-10-soon

  • netflix on win10?

    , Craig_​Matthews wrote

    This app plays Netflix content well, but it seems I only have two sizing options: full screen, or a window which refuses to let me resize it. I'll stick with my web browser in the case of Netflix.

    Don't you get a 'Fullscreen' button on the lower right corner when you tap on a running video (to get the video playback options)?


    edit: I found an article showing it: http://www.windowscentral.com/netflix-app-updated-windows-10-controls-mobile-and-pc


  • Trump card or what?

    I generally have a short attention span for attention seekers who try their best to appear knowledgeable without actually proposing anything practical or concrete and try even more their best to ridicule and make other more knowledgeable people look bad.

    If that's the entertainment level you expect from our leaders, it costs far less to visit the theater for standup comedy than to risk damaging domestic and international economy from voting someone like that for office..

  • How to stream Xbox on windows 10 at work with RDP

    VPN would do it, as long as your machine at work runs Windows 10... still significant lag is to be expected, and you probably need at least 10mbit upload speed from your home ISP.

  • Site dropdown menu not working in last few builds of Edge browser

    RTM version of Edge still has the same issue, what will happen after the 29th when everyone has upgraded their touch-based devices? Tap and drag indeed works but it's hardly intuitive...

  • Visual Studio 2015 RTM on MSDN

    Perhaps they got tired of people asking where the 64 bit version was ;)