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PeterF PeterF Aragon IT
  • Site dropdown menu not working in last few builds of Edge browser

    RTM version of Edge still has the same issue, what will happen after the 29th when everyone has upgraded their touch-based devices? Tap and drag indeed works but it's hardly intuitive...

  • Visual Studio 2015 RTM on MSDN

    Perhaps they got tired of people asking where the 64 bit version was ;)

  • Visual Studio 2015 RTM on MSDN

    I'm quite conservative and only uninstall an old release when all project can build, execute and can be maintained with a newer release ;) harddisk space doesn't cost as much as trying to re-create an uninstalled but working development environment.

  • Visual Studio 2015 RTM on MSDN

    Get it while it's fresh :)

  • Tips for the Microsoft Band?

    I added the uv sensor and notifications tile, these are not enabled by default. Features I use are sleep mode, running and bike mode, with GPS enabled.

    Enjoy your new Band! :)

  • Anyone used WinPh10???

    gyroscope works fine on my device, it's just the compass which doesn't point to north and even spins around

  • Anyone used WinPh10???


    , TheTraveler wrote

    @PeterF: how is the basis operations? Meaning reaching things in the top off the screen with one hand. That trick/hack with holding the windows key so everything slides down. OK or sucks? Is operating the burgermenus OK in your opinion?

    Now with build 10166 I'm pretty much satisfied. Just small things like Lumia Drive+ or Microsoft Maps hanging (probably due to faulty compass which still doesn't work properly after the supposed 'fix'), Navigon perhaps works flawlessly as it has an option not to use the compass.

    Another issue is when the phone is already in landscape position and you start an app that supports landscape it will launch and remain in portrait. Use case: putting the phone in a car holder and then starting the navigation app, which occasionally crashes. A (re-) launch forces me to take the phone out of the holder and rotate it in order to get landscape.

    MS Band notifications now also works again (except for launching Cortana), and the tiles cannot be re-ordered with the Health app.

    Hamburger menu is something to get used to, it's not as intuitive as a panorama or pivot, then again I don't have to cycle through all the sections to get to where I want. I haven't found myself in the situation yet to hold the start button to shift the screen. I usually operate the phone with two hands, also the 930 is not that big of a device, perhaps it will be more useful on a 1520? Perhaps the hamburger could be merged with the bottom menu, like they did with the Office ribbon?

  • Anyone used WinPh10???

    have it on my primary Lumia 930. The biggest issues currently are being unable to integrate with the MS Band and Here apps failing to update or uninstall, rendering them in a non-functional state...

  • Site dropdown menu not working in last few builds of Edge browser

    In the past few Windows 10 builds the site dropdown menus close immediately with touch input when releasing your finger, this prevents you from selecting sub items.

    This is not (yet) happening on the Phone build 10149.

    Is anyone else experiencing the same or should I perform a clean fresh install on my Surface Pro 2?

  • Lumia 920 update

    Usually the only solution to battery drainage is a hard reset, and restore from backup or start from scratch (either way you'll lose your game progress though)... You could also try the battery app to find out which background process might be responsible.

    Good luck!