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PeterF PeterF Aragon IT
  • Serializati​on problem

    Hi karenina

    Are you maybe trying to serialize an Office com-object? And for what do you the object to be serialized?

    And for what reason are you not updating the framework?


  • Countdown Board for Longhorn Release

    Hi Istation

    It would certainly reflect optimism or pessimism from day to day, but if it would be accurate? Probably only the last few weeks.

    Let them leave the dirty laundry inside and release deadline information. I don't feel much for rumour driven schedules. But I sure would like to know when the next public bits are planned.


  • Calling the next Windows?

    Yup, I can remember "Windows FX" rumours...

    My suggestion would be Windows XS (derived from accessibility) or X6 to also mark the release year, but it would only work in Dutch as 6 is pronounced as zes.

  • Interesting Little Article About Longhorn, XNA and The Future of PC Gaming

    But how about in 4 years, will the level of your PC have dropped from 5 to 1, or will there be PC's available with level 10?

    I have doubts about it marketingwise, how are you able to sell your level 1 pc's from the supermarket? And how about if they would sell it as a level 2?

    Benchmarks are also not an option, as each year there will be another benchmark that takes new features into account, that will alter existing benchmakrk figures...

    But indeed, there is a need to quantify the preformance... Maybe some tool integrated into the operating system so you could check the performance live at the store?

  • Hey, ASP.NET team...

    Well, it means an ROI for the developer, right?

    Perform the browser check for the browsers you plan to support, and output different javascripts accordingly.

  • Where is C9 going?

    Cool Wink
    Don't forget the camera!
    But I guess you're not going to get away with filming some of the new controls. I'm particularly interested to see the new picture-scroller control, which at the center displays a few rows of pictures, and on the left and right side the other pictures in perspective, with the horizontal scrollbar showing the timeline and statistical info of the number of pictures taken each month (something Google implemented in Picasa)

  • Where is C9 going?

    Could you interview some of the Dutch people from Delft that are on the Longhorn design team? It has been said they do some fantastic stuff, even that I could be regarded as a little biassed as I'm from Holland as well Tongue Out

    Ask them how they feel about their work being able to change usability aspects

    Tnx Wink

  • Microsoft software implicated in air traffic shutdown

    I believe that has been covered by the "How dare you Microsoft!!??" thread and most agreed it was caused by bad coding of the trafic guidance application...

    Too bad for them that Microsoft can't be held responsible, I hope this company is properly insured Wink

  • kb305153 resurgence in Win XP sp2?

    Hi Luke

    Try to press and hold the CTRL-key while clicking on the link and look if it helps. The CTRL key overrides protection. Dunno if you could expect that your users do the same thing each time though...

    Good luck,

  • New PC Build - Back up solutions

    Hi Andy

    There is the Files and Setting Transfer Wizard, but indeed, some kind of automatic thing to store your documents and settings folder in a more friendly way would be nice.