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  • Rebecca Norlander - Can everyone be made happy when it comes to updating?

    You got that right Lars. Some patches might interfere with some legacy code.
    If all patches are done automaticly, how will you know what patch broke the old code?
  • Bill Hill - How does ClearType work?

    I've been using about the same color scheme since I started using Win95 extensively.
    I just find it hard staring at RGB(255,255,255) all day and in the default setup it's the background for every text-based program.

    You can have a look over here : ...

    I might add that i've only switched to WinXP on this machine on Monday. Our central IT-team didn't allow it earlier because the standard profile is Win2k.
    So it's just XP in classic mode, I haven't spend much time tweaking it.

  • Scott Swanson - What about translating help to other languages?

    Jtb wrote:

    I also prefer not using the local version (German) of VS.Net.. There are several translation errors which leads to buggy-programs and/or long(er) bug-search..

    btw: you can specify the language for sites in IE (see options-language)..

    For specific sites or just for all of them?
    The last one is easy : IE->Tools->Options->General->Languages
  • Scott Swanson - What about translating help to other languages?

    Joe Average wrote:
    I'm not a developer, I 'just use Windows', and I don't like i18n all that much. Not so much because I distrust the local version, but when I spend time online for example, my mind is set to English. I'm Dutch by the way. If I bump into something Dutch when I don't expect it it actually confuses me for a moment.

    Here's one great example I Just stumbled in an hour ago. I was reading Scobleizer's blog and he mentioned MSN Messenger 6.2 shipped today. When I clicked the link [to the MSN Messenger page] the whole site was in Ducth. My first reaction was: "what's this? Oh, it's Dutch." To me it was even a bit frustrating not finding a way to change the language to my preferred website reading language English so I could set my mind back to English.

    Just my 2 cents...

    I'm from Belgium and my native language is Dutch. But as a developer only use English. This goes from my OS and apps to methode and member names and buglists.
    There are many reasons for this, but one of the main ones is the folowing. Try googling Usenet with a Dutch error message from some Windows component.
    If the new systems includes the translations of different error message and exceptions, this would be great, but I doubt I would use it.

    And I would prefer Englsh as the main development language, cause now I do have a real problem communicating and understanding French developers. I do understand French, but when it gets down to the technical side and core concepts like OOP, I just have to give up.
    The French translate everything and it's realy confusing for me going from French to Dutch to English to understand what they are trying to say. Most Dutch developers I know just adopt English terms.
  • Bill Hill - How does ClearType work?

    Does that explain why i can't look at a default Windows theme all day, but i can do it with my own theme that's based on shades of green (=no more pure white surfaces).
  • Dare Obasanjo - Where is Microsoft going with ​RSS/syndica​tion?

    Eddie wrote:
    Me, I use SharpReader, it's free, simple, works pretty well and has very few bugs..

    If nothing else, it makes it easier to keep up to date with channel9, MSDN, slashdot, theRegister etc etc. I get the news within an hour of being posted.. I love it..

    Except for it's memory usage. Wink I'm also using SharpReader.
    You might get news faster, but you end up spending about the same amount of time as when you visit the sites with your browser.

    I have mixed feelings when i run SharpReader in the morning, cause i end up with so much news while my head is full with idea's for that day.