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  • Introduction to Creating Coded UI Tests with Visual Studio 2010

    Very interesting article, narrated in a very clear and concise manner - cudos to the author!


    I'm very interested to see how is this going to evolve in the future, because we definitely need good support for UI testing.

  • Ping 49: Live Labs Pivot, Win7 testers, Facebook wins, Search Assault

    Great episode... and great show all in all - it has a very refreshing effect on me, since it's fun and casual. Thumbs up for the hosts as well!


    I've been a regular follower since episode 40 (I think), and then I watched all the previous shows as well, since I was hooked immediately.


    Love the short duration of the show, a couple of minutes for each theme is just enough. Love the humor, so keep up the good work!


    A question though: could it be possible to get a hold of one of those cool 9 figures outside US?