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    I've asked our dev team to get more engaged on this thread and help answer dev questions.  Also for dev stuff you might want to check out

    Dan Crevier's blog:  https://blogs.msdn.com/dancre/

    Ben Constable's blog:  https://blogs.msdn.com/bencon/

    For other questions (such as how we make sausage, or WinFX setup issues etc), please consider checking out the Max Forums:


    - Piero
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    Sorry Littleguru, here you go.

    In shipping Max we were following a (new) MS policy not to release on languages we haven't tested fully on.  As you know machines configured for different languages are not identical, and historically MS has found odd occasional bugs shipping English UI on non-US English systems.

    At the time we put out our latest build we were test constrained on testing on different languages SKUs.  So we followed the policy to BLOCK setup on these systems (though it's still possible to xcopy Max into a folder and run it, our setup doesn't do anything funky with the registry etc.)  We explained why on our public website but still heard a fair amount of frustration from our users.  The prevailing feeling was that we should WARN users, but not block them.  But the trolls at the ship gates were adamant we block, so we did.

    We are currently re-evaluating our policy here and trying to get this loosened.  In the meantime, we have found test resources for Japanese and German.  So at least in M6 (ships circa 2/15) we should unblock folks on those SKUs.

    My appologies for the inconvenience, we'll keep trying to do better here.


    - Piero

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    Oi Bobinho-

    Firstly thank you for your suggestion that I run for MS President.  I can neither confirm nor deny my candidacy, but I can tell you I have been discussing this with my family and we are leaving all our options open.  I'm having campaign buttons made, just in case, and  I'll make sure you get one - if my team doesn't laugh me out of the building first.  Big Smile

    About your plea for us to run on the latest WinFX CTP, here's the deal:

    Our team is operating as a real product team / ISV.  That is, our goal is not to build a sample app for WinFX (useful as that may be) but rather to build a real application that actual end-users will enjoy.

    To us this means shipping high quality code on a very regular basis as we go from Alpha to Beta to RTM.  Our approach is to ship quarterly, that is we plan, take off, fly and land every three months.  At which point we update the publicly released software.  Which means we hit zero known bugs every three months (no snickers please.)  Lots of ISVs already operate along these lines, but you might be surprised how unusual this approach is within Microsoft.

    Which brings us to WinFX - In order to guarantee that we can ship the thing we work on every three months, we are very stringent about any dependencies we have on external code.  Our general rule (which we've bent a couple of times to help out WinFX) is to only take dependencies on publicly redistributable bits one month before we begin a quarter of coding.

    This means that we will always be a few CTPs behind WinFX.  This is of course an issue for developers self-hosting the latest WinFX.  It's also an issue for the WinFX team, because we can't get them feedback on the absolutely latest bits they have shipped.  But overall we've found that with quarterly releases we've been able to strike a decent balance between being on new bits of WinFX, getting WinFX feedback, and shipping high quality code.

    I really do appologize for the inconvenience this is causing MSDN folks, but for now this is the best we can do.  Expressionless


    - Piero