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  • Scoble: Exit Stage Left

    I've seen some excellent interviews on Channel9, but in my opinion that was the best. Scoble made some great points about things like startup companies and why the iPod is so successful, but I think the best bit of the whole interview was the discussion about the 'me' culture.

    Scoble - it's a shame you've left MS, but good luck with Podtech any anything else you do in the future.
  • Imagine Cup: Team UK

    I know these three as I also go to university (just completed my degree in Computer Science with Business Information Engineering). They're all very intelligent guys and I hope they win the competition.

    Andy took a year out to work at Microsoft, they've all been or are Microsoft Student Partners and James won a prize for academic excellence in the Computer Science department twice.
  • Episode 3

    I haven't looked at the stuff on Channel9 for a while now due to me being buried in work, but I found this show and I think that all three episodes have been great.

    Yes, the acting was hardly Oscar-winning, but I totally agree that acting is not the point of that episode and highlighting security risks is the point.

    I find it amazing how weak the security can be in some big corporations, especially considering the wealth of resources that are out there to help improve the situation. I feel sorry for those companies who have to go through entire system rewrites and not just bug-fixes like the ones in episode 3.

    By the way, Jessi Knapp is really attractive! Wink
  • IE 7: What's new in Beta 2 Preview

    A few hours ago I tried the IE7 beta2, but I won't be replacing Firefox with that. It seemed to do something really screwey with the interface (presumably because I use WindowBlinds). also, for some random reason, it changed the Outlook font to ClearType. I'll try it again once the RTM is available.
  • Marc McDonald - Microsoft's First Employee

    This is a great video. I always like to hear the early stories about companies that started out very small and end up huge. It's also nice to see that he has a balanced view and still wants to code, despite the fact that he doesn't really need to work anymore.

    I remember 6502 Assembly - I did some of it in the first semester of my first year at uni (I'm just about to start my third year - tomorrow). As it was so different to the higher level stuff that I'm used to, I did find it difficult to work with at times, but I began to understand it more as I went along. I guess the most annoying thing I found with it was that you only had two registers. I guess some of you who have more experience with it would have no problem though.

    I want to learn 8086 sometime - I printed off a tutorial ages ago because I definitely see things like speed and efficiency advantages. Does anyone recommend any tools and/or books that I might want to look at?
  • Channel 9 Team - Welcome to our new design

    Exactly how many computers does Jeff have in his office? There's hardly any room for anything else! Big Smile

    I really like the new design. It seems much slicker than before and it doesn't have that annoying rendering problem in Firefox anymore.

    I like the use of tags too.
  • Chris Jones - Beta 1 of Windows Vista revealed

    Great video - although for a minute when Chris Jones was talking about VBLs, I thought he meant Vista had been secretly done in Visual Basic.NET. Now that's a scary thought! (I'm a VB.NET fan, but it's not for OSs). Fortunately I got my brain into gear a few seconds later!
  • Steve Ballmer - Quick chat with Microsoft's CEO

    balmer_the_young_and_foolish wrote:
    I all I gotta say is humble beginnings:


    An all-time classic! Who can resist the temptations of the Cardfile and Reversi?
  • MSN Virtual Earth Team - Virtual Earth Ships

    NetRyder wrote:
    The disappointment:
    And this is the big one...really big. Big enough that I couldn't believe it when I first tried it. MSN VE has no driving directions! How could this not be the top priority? The single most important reason people using online mapping services is to find driving directions. Without that, everything else just becomes a novelty that will wear out sooner or later.

    I noticed on the video that when Scoble asked about this they changed the subject very quickly as if they were thinking 'oh crap - we forgot that'!
  • Sanaz Ahari and Steve Rider - Start.com

    I like the innovation there. It's a shame MS don't market the site a bit more.
  • Bill Reid - Introducing the Shared Computer Toolkit

    If this is all built on existing tech, will there be a new version for Longhorn?
  • Kevin Schofield - Tour of Microsoft Research's Next Media group

    A soon as I saw the visual effects and also how good that face recognition feature is I thought that this program is somethng special. I just hope it's made into a full product soon.

    Microsoft Research seem to do an awful lot of great things - 'Singularity' is another example.
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