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  • Michael Rys - XML in SQL Server

    Johannes wrote:
    I really don't get the advantage of the XML column over regular relational data even though I've been to numerous events explaining the topic of XML in SQL Server 2K5. Nobody has ever presented a specific usecase for this column type that just makes me go "ahhh yes! that's cool!!!". In the cases I've heard I always have a feeling that it would be more valuable to transform the data into relational data. Am I the only one?

    You're not

    Of course it looks intresting for a all-XML-data supply chain, for improved security, for interroperability between XML able products. But no "ahhh yes! that's cool!!!" that gives you the power to code in the night.

    I'm waiting the results of the http://www.csdevcompetition.com/ contest...