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  • Windows 2000 to Windows Vista: Road to ​Compatibili​ty

    Thanks for the replies.

    More specific question is with respect to User Account Control, would my vista application break in xp, as xp has a different model for the way access is granted than Vista?

    The checks and balances would return errors? If Check for admin privilage, no account elevation, must supply admin password? Account switching , cross thread account validation?

    Vista is new, so Micro$oft is giving us hardtime to adapt to these things. I wish things just work and the .NET Framework would do the magic underneath, and I program the same way I do in XP Expressionless
  • Windows 2000 to Windows Vista: Road to ​Compatibili​ty

    If an application was written in Vista, would it be backward compatible with XP, 2000, Me, 98, 95? Or will it only wok for Vista? and then Have to write one for the other earlier Versions of Micro$oft Windows Operating Systems?