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  • Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview 4: A Look at the New IE Test Drive Samples

    Exciting work guys.  Been using Firefox and Chrome lately for developments and had to say IE team have steep curve to claim.  What makes the Chrome great is its UI responsiveness, its snappy start-up time, able to rearrange tabs, fast page-loading.  It seems IE9 show great promise in rendering aspect of it and wants to see developers choose IE9 in the future as there default testing browser.  Don't want to see old style thousands of tool-bar being able to installed and screw IE's performance, that's so 90.  Please eliminate the nightmare of tool bar in IE.

  • Daniel Lehenbauer and Kurt Berglund: Interactive 2D controls on WPF 3D Surfaces

    WPF and WPF/E seems powerful, but why not use this technology on Virtual Earth.  Recently I had to download Virtual Earth 3D Plug-In to view the 3D capability on Virtual Earth.  Rather than asking users to download another plug-in, why not use WPF/E.  Its seems a great scenario to utilizes this technology.