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  • Andy Wilson - First look at MSR's "touch light"

    Obviously it has some great military applications, the first one being a TOC (Tactical Operations Command) board for displaying troop placements of both friendly and OPFOR.  This way everyone in the TOC has complete access from both sides (much easier from briefings), and then this could be linked and shared with the ALOC (Army Logistical Operations Command). 
      In this way, the board becomes much easier to update, and you can also demonstrate real time across the battlefield to the S1/S4 (Personnel/Supply) what is going on, how the battlefield is moving and taking shape, and with multi-linking capabilities you can transmit this data both up and down the chain of command and do briefing as well as Operations Orders to the smaller units. 

     Additionally as the technology progesses, with smaller mobile ones that can link via sattelite, your SPECOPS forces now have a real time vision of the battlefield, plus a way to input data to the commander.

      One more thing that would be really cool to see would be the ability to take your images and layer them and then bring them to a full 3D projection.  For example, you lay in your terrain input which has been taken from sattelite, drone, etc. and rendered from 3D to 2D, then you lay in your friendly and OPFOR forces, put a scale on it for accuracy, rotate the window to a horizontal position and project your 3D image much like a hologram with rotational ability for a better study of the battlefield and troop movement/access, and weapons placement.

    OK...sorry, 12 years in the Army will do that to a person.  Smiley  LOL