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  • Keynote - Antoine Leblond: Windows 8

    wowwww Windows 8 rocks __using it since DP--CP now RP

    but want lots of Metro apps in MS Store and specially sparking style Graphics in metro

    this is why we use GTX 680 SLI


    many thanks to all developer team _ keep it up guys

    Mountain Lion + iOS 6 are already been ready for World war 3

    u have to do more on Widows 8

  • Windows 8 Consumer Preview Demo

    Great work by MSDN team


    now testing Windows 8 CP ___its awesome overload 

    solid OS , solid performance



  • Defrag: IE History, Removing Rip from WMP, Secure PC Thumbdrive

    Friends must try Google frame in Internet explorer 9

    it will accelerate internet experience with open web technologies and speedy JavaScript engine to Internet Explorer


    Enjoy 365

  • Defrag: IE History, Removing Rip from WMP, Secure PC Thumbdrive

    I want to use BITLOCKER on C drive where my current windows 7 is installed and running very well

    but I got the problem while turning on BITLOCKER on ""C"" Drive

    I got this massage on 1st  screen when i press TURN ON BITLOCKER

    -------  """A compatible TPM security device must be present on this computer , but a TPM was not found.Please contact your system administrater to enable bitlocker"""


    Remember I am the Only one user of my desktop with ADMIN account on personal PC
    its Home Desktop and I am a Student

    please help me to TURN this on without going current win 7 Ultimate out  of box environment


    My History -- I use bitlocker on ""windows 7 installation drive ""  by installation 2nd Win 7 Ultimate on temp drive for only Encrypting work purpose but I think this is not always a good Idea


    I have HP desktop P6378in with 750 GB seaget HDD 7200 RPM , 16 GB DDR3 RAM , i5-650, MSI board