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Programous Programous

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  • Ken Levy - In the field in Switzerland

    ZippyV wrote:
    Maybe Simone or Corina can tell us why there is such a big difference in Microsoft's software prices between the US and Europe.

    I could be wrong (I live in the USA) but it would seem to me that a large part of the increase in price would be the VAT. Tax levels on software are nowhere near those levels in the states.
  • David Smith (and others) - Meeting the Interns

    scobleizer wrote:
    Orbit86: I use OneNote quite a bit and we used it on our book too and it sure didn't suck for me. It'd be nice to see if you could post constructive criticism here. Translation: how did it suck?

    Ill second that. I’ve used OneNote all year in school and am extremely happy with it. There’s no other program that I know about that comes anywhere near matching its capabilities.
  • Emily Rimas - Tablet PC Education Pack revealed

    JChung2006 wrote:
    The stuff college kids have at their disposal these days!

    Of course, 20 years from now, I'm sure that the college kids of today will marvel at what their kids will be using in the classroom.

    Nice video!

    "Kids today have so many advantages I never had. There's no telling what I could've accomplished with a home computer and a handgun."    — LeMel Hebert-Williams.

  • Emily Rimas - Tablet PC Education Pack revealed

    Emily Rimas wrote:

    Unfortunately we don’t export as Math XML; it was something we really wanted to get into this version but we were not able to.  We have gotten a lot of feedback on this and it is a feature we want to include in future versions.  Thanks for your feedback.  

    You need any beta testers?
  • Emily Rimas - Tablet PC Education Pack revealed

    Is there any way to export to Math XML from equation editor? I like the feature, but it would be nice to be put into another format. Like Microsoft launched Student 2006 this year that as a graphing calculator program with it, it would be really nice to be able to use ink to enter equations.
  • Jesse Kaplan -- Will your .NET 1.1 apps work on 2.0 or vice versa?

    Sampy wrote:

    Programous: There is only 1 instance of the Framework per-process. Once it's loaded, it cannot be unloaded. First Framework loaded is the one that wins. If you load a 1.1 DLL into a process with the 2.0 Framework already loaded, it will run on the 2.0 Framework (the 2.0 CLR as well as the 2.0 DLLs such as System.dll and System.Data.dll since the Framework is unified).

    Hummm. I guess your right, so that would instantly make it impossible to use a 2.0 component with a 1.1 program, unless it was on a 2.0 only system, or there’s a way to tell the framework to load the newest version (maybe an app.config setting?)

  • Jesse Kaplan -- Will your .NET 1.1 apps work on 2.0 or vice versa?

    What happens if a program makes a call to a .net DLL that was complied on version 1.1 form 2.0? Does the DLL run in 1.1 or 2.0, and dose it matter if it’s a compile type reference or late binding?

  • Amanda Silver - Talking about Mort

    I must say that there are a lot of VB users that are not Morts. I believe most VB6 users will agree that trying to get multithreading to work in VB6 was fun. And now with .net there’s no real difference between C# and VB.NET. But there’s one feature that I personally would really like, has anyone else in VB.NET really wanted a asm{} command? or at least an unsafe directive?
  • Amanda Silver - Talking about Mort

    You are correct; most programs written in VB.NET will run on the Mono project on Linux.  Currently the entire framework it’s not ported but it’s getting there. And the windows forms rendering is ok, but is getting better. There also working on a VB.NET compiler (the already have a C#) but its still I alpha. There is also a port of Sharp Develop IDE to use GTK as a rendering engine, but written all in C#, that you can use as an IDE for Linux. 
  • Martin Taylor and Bill Hilf - Linux at Microsoft, Part II

    First, windows with .net dose support side by side execution with assemblies of different version but the same name. If you have .net installed on windows go to C:\Windows\assembly and you’ll see that it’s not a ‘real’ windows directory as it has (probably) has files with the same name but different versions. It doses this via strong .net names witch not only allow many versions but provide assurance via public/private key pairs that your using the correct version of the assembly.
    Also Buzza is correct, you can do the same thing with MSI, and if you’re distributing your app to any large number of users you probably should. But most of the time you can afford to just put all of the required dlls in your appdir and avoid the whole thing.

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