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  • Sonal Pardeshi - Using VSTS's Source Code Management

    Hello John,

    This is one of the best interviews/demos that i have seen. Your explanation and demonstration was very good and to the point. I am a dev manager in a small company with ambitious project plans. Team System is just the tool that I was looking for.

    I heard you saying that the reports, apart from viewing them through Visual Studio you can also view them through Reporting Server. My question is...does creating a team project create the report portal with all the reports as well... similar to Sharepoint team project portal that gets created?

    Any clarification in the manner will be highly appreciated.

  • Channel 9 Team - Welcome to our new design

    I was met with a surprise when i logged in. It is certainly a welcome change. Looks pretty neat

    Tags and video search is awesome

    Good Job!!Smiley