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I’m a self learned wiz kid turned Architect. Stared with an Apple IIe, using AppleSoft Basic, ProDos and Begal Basic at age 10. Picked up LPC in college before the Dot Com Explosion. Wrote some Object C in the USAF for one of my instructors. Got a break from a booming computer manufacture testing server software. Left the Boom and went to work for a Dot Com built from the ashes of Sun Micro in CS. Mentoring in Java solidified me as a professional developer. Danced in the light of the sun for 13 years, before turning to the dark side. An evil MVP mentored me in the ways of C# .NET. I have not looked back since.Interests include:~ Windows Presentation Foundation and Silverlight~ Parallel Programming~ Instruction Set Simulation and Visualization~ CPU to GPU code conversion~ Performance Optimizations~ Mathematics and Number Theory~ Domain Specific Languages~ Virtual Machine Design and Optimization~ Graphics Development~ Compiler Theory and Assembler Conversion Methodology~ CUDA, OpenCL, Direct Compute, Quantum MechanicsIEEE Associate Member 2001 - 2010