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  • The Future of Programming

    I am doing some research on visualising my code with HoloLens. Ironically, I am using pen and paper to do this.

  • The Future of Programming

    Also, most scientists agree on global warming, there really isn't a controversy. 

    He is the latest satellite data :

  • An Engineer Guided Tour of Surface Pro 4

    @My Name: Here is a version of what you expected for Surface Pro 3 :

  • Eric Horvitz on the new era of Artificial Intelligence

    I stopped watching once he mentioned global warming.

    Seriously, Microsoft needs to hire a climate scientist to give seminars to all their employees

  • Ian Hays: Building a ​Multi​Dictionary Collection for .NET

    The "Green House Effect" was mentioned in this video. Green House gases make the planet 30 C warmer than it otherwise would be. 95% of the "green house effect" is due to water vapor, a green house gas. When it comes to CO2 and its effect, the pre-industrial level of about 280 ppm is of course a natural effect, by which I mean the extra warming that quantity of CO2 causes has nothing to do with humans.

    Charles, you took some math I understand in your college or university training, so you know what Logarithm means. CO2 has a logarithmic function to its warming effect. That is why in climate science the terms "doubling of CO2" is used, to express this logarithmic function a little bit easier.

    The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPPC) says doubling CO2 causes about 1 C of warming, but feedbacks kick in to cause 3 C of warming. My nearly 5 years of research informs me that this feedback either doesn't exist or is very low. My other problem with IPCC's position that CO2 is the control knob on climate is that in the past there was CO2 levels of 7,000 ppm with global temperatures colder than they are today at 400 ppm.

    I notice the day after I watched this video, the forecast for the high for Seattle was 67F or so.

    My question to you Charles is, what year is Seattle  going to have Santa Barbara climate?

  • Getting Started with Unit Testing Part 1

    I don't know what you will be covering in future episodes, but here are some of my notes:


    If your doing Windows Store app development, your going to have to make some changes or additions, for example:

    #if NETFX_CORE
    using Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestPlatform.UnitTestFramework;
    using Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.UnitTesting;
            [TestCategory( "Timer" ), TestCategory( "Exception expected" )]
    #if !NETFX_CORE
            public void SingleTimer_OnceRanAndStopped_ItShouldNotStartAgain()
                //ToDo: Change exception type to something more appropriate.
                SingleTimer timer = new SingleTimer();
    #if !NETFX_CORE
    #if NETFX_CORE
                Assert.ThrowsException<NotSupportedException>(() => timer.Start());


    Use templated Asserts. Example:

      Assert.AreEqual<int>( 0, timers.Count );

    I have more, but that's enough for now.


  • Lucas Joppa Connecting ​Environment​al and Computer Science

    @Jason818: Fuels derived from ancient organic matter, called fossil fuels can cause air pollution when burnt, as anything that burns can. The carbon dioxide created from burning fossil fuels is plant food. I have been researching climate science for 4 years now and have yet to find any evidence that carbon dioxide emissions from anthropological sources, that make up just 3% of total global emissions from all sources, 97% are from natural sources, are not causing any harm to the environment. The global temperatures have not increased in the last 17 years, 3 months, even though emissions have increased 20% during this time.

    I'm a computer scientist and a mathematician, I rarely drive a car and have only purchased $10 worth of gas this entire century so far. I ride my bike or walk wherever I go, I don't even use public transport.

    Alternatives to fossil fuels have environmental consequences as well. 

  • Defrag - Unplayable Media Center files, Missing RAM, Closing Cores

    Vista had the two disks, 32 bit / 64 bit with Ultimate only.

    Windows 7 had both disks for Home Premium as well.

  • Defrag - Unplayable Media Center files, Missing RAM, Closing Cores


    Microsoft TechNet Subscription Standard

                    Tailored to help IT Professionals evaluate, test, and troubleshoot Microsoft software for Desktop environments. TechNet Subscription Standard does not include Enterprise editions of Microsoft software.
    $199($149 Renewal)
  • Defrag: Moving Page File, Recovering Encrypted Files, Missing User Account

    @Capitan: I have used a retail upgrade media on a laptop that originally had oem, after it became unfixable (I think an inadvertently installed virus) and I did not have the original oem software (my sisters laptop). Using the oem key located on the bottom of the laptop was good enough to get it all working. Of course there was no oem installed software, but I think a lot of it was available to download afterwards anyway, if my sister wanted any of it.

  • Defrag: Moving Page File, Recovering Encrypted Files, Missing User Account

    2 Notes:

    1) The computer can wake up from hibernate. For several years I had a computer that had to have sleep disabled because after waking up the computer would crash within a few minutes. I would use hibernate only instead. My computer would come out of hibernate to record TV shows when scheduled. I did this for a few years, recording thousands of shows, so I know this works.

    [a note on my sleep crash problem. I thought it was the video card. Sadly, after replacing it, it still crashed. Probably a motherboard problem. Still, the mother board/cpu lasted for 5 years of 10% overclocking before it finally died. After disasembly I discovered the motherboard had a bulge/warp surrounding the cpu location, a pentium 4 w/ HT. Like Larry, I also put together my own desktop computers, starting with the pentium era. Unlike Larry, I skipped right past the 286, going from a 8088 to a 80386 Smiley ]

    2) I don't think you can disable accounts on Home Premium. I don't know what the viewer with the question was using.

  • Ping 109: Microsoft Stores, Halo & Kinect, XP Countdown, Windows 8, Mango

    @Justin:I will give the HD version a try. I don't know what the default zune download version is, buts thats the one I tried to play.

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